Oh fun fun.

It is amazing, despite my car being old, people still try breaking into it. When I got to my car this morning, I found the driver’s door lock all busted up. This is even worse since the passanger door lock is internally messed-up (shows no damage) from the first break-in. I had to call AAA and get them to unlock my car and now I can’t really drive my car anywhere since I have to leave the doors unlocked. This fucking blows.

I have a camaro, and it’s never had anything done to it. My impala hasn’t either.

But I live in Ohio.

Wow. Didn’t get anything, did they?

My first car, the Taurus that I wrecked, was broken into by having the passenger side window shattered. They stole my CDs, my stereo and the registration to my car. They also dislodged the entire stereo console trying to get to the stereo.

My car was fucked up before that anyway :\

Wait, Jenna, you have two cars?

Yeah, that happened the first time my car got broken into. Although, the stereo itself I heard was still good, it was just missing the face plate. I got lucky they steal my military gear out my trunk the first time though.

Kraken, they didn’t take anything; they weren’t able to get in. All they did was bust up my lock so that nobody can get in. It sucks too, because I was examining the lock more closely in better light a little bit ago and I can see exactly what they were trying to do and even worse, I can see the inner part of where the key is suppose to go in (I can see the whole slot, but the key still won’t go in).

They scrached the side of my car too a bit, nothing bad, but it still sort of irks me.

Don’t you have insurance to get that fixed?

No, but even if I did, my car has gone down so much in value that it’d would total my car which I can’t afford to have happen.

Wow, your state doesn’t require you to have insurance? I thought all states did.

Oh California does.

Cali only requires liability.

Sucks to have your stuff stolen. I would’ve thought that a crappy looking exterior would deter people from breaking into your car.

It tends to encourage it. Crappy looking cars usually dont have security systems.

Xelo asked if my insurance [i]covered[\i] the damage, which it doesn’t. I have insurance though (I believe every state requires it), but just liability since my car is so old and depritiated that it would be totaled with any damage (like the damage done now) which makes it pointless for me to cover my car. It would cost at least $1000 a year to cover my car instead of $600 like I pay now not to cover it. Also, I would probably get less than $1000 for my car (it’s old and experienced), so I would be wasting money to cover my car because I’d save the money in a year or two.

Lex, my stuff wasn’t stolen. The person just messed up the lock on my car and scratched it.

I find solice that even if someone does break into my car (it’s a fucking convertable for christ sakes, you could knife your way in) they’re going to be awfully disappointed with what they find in it. And by that I mean nothing becides my radio, which is just that, stock and doesn’t even have a cassette deck.

Unless they’re really hurting for some jumper cables, but then they gotta break into the trunk and deal with the mess.

It’ll cost you just the same though, which is the bad part.

It is pretty awesome, I was actually able to fix it for only $55 dollars for both of my doors total (including getting the locks fitted for my key). It cost me $35 to get the locks fitted to my key and $20 to have the locks put in. I did some price checking around earlier to find out everything. One place quoted me $120 for the one door, which wasn’t too bad and still a lot cheaper than I expected (I was thinking it would be a couple of hundred). The second place I took it to only charged me $20 so I was in heaven. So it all worked out pretty well.