I was playing Xenogears. I was half-way through the game. I go to save. IT FUCKING FREEZES ON THE SAVE GAME SCREEN FOR 10 MINUTES. I reset. Data gone. cries

How far were you?

Right after the Giant Wel battle with Billy.

That’s only haflway through Disc 1, right? Probably a bit more.

Well, just restart, I guess. Or play something else for a while DMC 3 :open_mouth:

If you have a dexdrive you could try to download a similar seve file…

Heh… yeah, I think I’ll leave it alone for a while. But still… that pissed me off :stuck_out_tongue:
How long is DMC3? And just how badass is it?

GtW: I don’t =/

I wasted 50 hours on DMC3. It’s challenging, and once you get used to it, you can be really badass.

Get it now! It’s DMC 1 improved! And more weapons! And styles! They are some different methods of play? Wanna play defensive? Royal Guard Baby. Wanna do kick ass combos? Swordmaster.

I usually play as Swordmaster

Ah, and Nightblade, I’ ve bought DMC3 today. You were right, it purely rocks.


Wow. Ouch.

Dude, I feel for you. I never had my PS freeze on me, but I had erased my perfect FF5 game(All jobs mastered, levels 80+ for all) by accident when starting a new one >_<

This is why I always keep two saves for everything.

That happened to me my first playthrough of Xenogears. I started up again.

Ditto Xelo, I am REALLY paranoid about these things… you know, rays from space etc. … I just keep everything doubled, or tripled if I can… hehe, woops.


Thanks. Now I’ m afraid of saving my Xenogears data. :stuck_out_tongue: