Oh frig off

Now I have to deal with everyone swooning over New Moon. I just watched the trailer. It’s the same shitty source material, the same shitty actors, and cgi wolves that look like they were ripped straight out of a Pixar movie.

Why are females such tools? This is just not right :open_mouth:

Oh frig off

JYeah! That was my response too, Chinaman!

Because teenagers are self-centered and just want everything to be about them and being overemotional.

Also, sparkles yo.

twilight was so badass i shit out a sailboat when i saw edward cohen sparkling in the sunlight like a blood sucking creature of the night should.

lmao, I don’t know what’s in your sig, but I like it

I had to watch Twilight on a six-hour bus trip to new York. Now, Twilight by itself is bad… but watching it on a bus? it was painful. and I couldn;t even ignore it as much as I tried. I’m jsut glad the rest of the movies were classics.

A lot of women (not girls, full grown mature women) find Twilight to be boring and the colours to be depressing even if the movie concept itself isn’t really so dark. It’s like if they shot the Teletubbies in the same techniques as the dark knight… or vice versa?

Im female and I fucking hate Twilight, and not just because vampires don’t fucking sparkle. I’m also a teenager, technically, and hate shitty, shallow books/movies like this.

Did you really think new moon was going to be any less shitty than the first one? Its a fucking sequel, they usually just get shittier.

So that’s what New Moon is all about. Yeah…


How did she bastardize the werewolf mythos?

What do you mean “really”? I never said I thought anything close to that.

This thread is repetitive. We already know that:

  1. In the Hadesphere, anything but Hades receiving attention is wrong.
    A. If Hades doesn’t like it, he will not grudgingly accept it getting attention.
    B. If the attention is not from primarily “underground” sources, he is less likely to grudgingly accept it receiving attention.

  2. Anyone who wishes to establish his or her fine taste and/or vampire fanaticism will, at great length, describe the degree to which they revile twilight. They will do this more than describing things they like. They will also make a clear differentiation between themselves and the poor philistines who like said item, typifying them into a group hated with the same vigor as the material. In this case, Hades has chosen women. See: The Metal/Metalcore hatred principle, the Wannabe Cool Kid/Emo hatred principle, and the Hipster/Popularity hatred principle.

The only new information was that Hades hates women. If women can all agree to hate him back, I think we’re done here.

Posting a thread complaining about it, you sounded suprised by the crappiness.

And the crappiness will continue to show up, more and more, since the movie doesn’t even come out for like five months and they are already making such hype about it.

I’m still not sure why this shitty series makes females tools?

Because they invented it and they’re the ones buying it knowing how bad it is solely because of one actor who isn’t even very good at what he does. This is really not vague.

If you want a GOOD New Moon… this one is a billion times better and has a much better impact on our culture.

The sad thing is that Twilight if it ever was made into a TV series like EoNM, would probably be way more popular. (Hehe, I sohlud have left the typo I just made “popularf”… like it’s popular vomit)

Twilight was actually popular before the film came out. It wouldn’t have had a film made the series itself not already had some degree of popularity.

twilight is for girls that are just starting their period

also: my sig is from Y: The Last Man. best comic ever.

Yeah, but the books are just as bad. I’m not pissed about the books though, because I won’t have to hear about them constantly for the next year or so.

Dude, I like Y: The Last Man, but Transmetropolitan is much better. As are many other comics. =\