Oh dear

Or start running a new scam operation. Or linking to here. It doesnt HAVE to be a torrent site if we buy it.

I used TorrentReactor once. I got a virus in my computer. I had to go through two hours worth of shit to get it out.

I also use boxtorrents, but sparingly. There just isn’t THAT much anime I want.


Isohunt was (and still is) a better repository for torrent files. Plus they modified them so that there were more backup trackers. And it’s an IRC search engine as well. Not that Suprnova won’t be missed, I just don’t think it’s a fatal blow to filesharing.

Gallo, did you check if the virus didn’t came from the torrent itself? Maybe someone put a virus in a torrent abd you didn’t get it form the site.

My source for technically-illegal software has been, and still is, “frantic random searching.”

Up until around 2002, I was still using google to find MP3s. :smiley:

If there is something I have learnt in my time on the web is that if I’m looking for something, the odds are high that there are already 1000+ guys looking for the exact same thing. Based on that, my best method for warez hunting is finding a Forum related to that topic (Say, if I want a ROM, I got to some Forum related to emulation or games) and use the Search button. Works every time.

Speaking of which, PM me working Torrent sites y’all know, especially if they have all 3 LotR soundtracks. >.>

Just use Yotoshi/IsoHunt, they’ll search them all at once, and IRC.