Oh dear

<a href=“http://www.suprnova.org”>The Internet is fucked</a>

This was almost 100% probably due to a lawsuit. But don’t worry, there are lots of other torrent sites on the internet, it’ll just get a little harder to find the torrent you want.

[prophet mode]Plus, other sites will open which will be even harder to take down than Suprnova, just like the end of Naspter as we liked it gave birth to Morpheus and Kazaa.

Then, someday media giants will learn that it’s impossible to keep media from spreading free among users and the media market will be remodeled completely.[/prohet mode]

Man, I’m not worried about not being able to find my shit. I’m worried about the 500 people who WILL be unable to find their shit and flock to my doorstep.

td fserv plz :open_mouth:

I just ask Epic.

Sigh. Easy come easy go. Don’t worry TD, I’ll just ask for the site links and download myself. :stuck_out_tongue: But that might not be for a while, since I have BGE and W&B to finish. >.>;

However, this is truly a sad time. Next time you know, IRC will be ban from the internet. =o


Oh shit, I hadn’t thought about that. I’m the main cybershit dealer in my area, this isn’t gonna be pretty.

At least BoxTorrents and TorrentReactor are still there.


I think Boxtorrents just keeled over aswell O_o;

Oy… once this mess is over maybe we should exchange some addresses of torrent sites still up? Or is that outside the rules? Because, I do remember once people giving out torrent site addresses before without problem.

No, Boxtorrents lives, and with a shiny new style!

I think it’s outside the rules, but we could do it over PMs or something.


Uh … forgive me for being not geeky enough (i.e. out of the loop), but what was that?

May it rest in peace. Suprnova shall be forever missed.

SuprNova was the ultimate archive for Torrent files. If you wanted it, they had it. If you didn’t want it, they had it. If you searched for “Video of a goat licking the skin off of an albino mexican wearing a christmas hat in July”, they had it, 10 times over.

But when you search for Neon Genesis Evangelion, they don’t have it. Thank you boxtorrents.

Suprnova? People used Suprnova?

FUCK. Oh fuck. ;;;;;_;

This fucking sucks. I guess i took suprnova for granted, but god, where the hell will i get all my shit? =(


Let’s buy it! :smiley:

Think about what we could do with a monumentally popular domain!

Work to exhaustion while trying to keep it up running?