Oh Canadia~

This one’s for the canucks in the audience. We love you guys.


God YES, I can’t believe you remembered this

We should have an entire fuck england week, of course.

Exactly one week ago some people celebrated “ Fuck Canada day”. So after hiding behind Labatt Bleue bière for almost a week, I just switched back to Molson Canadian beer, and now a case of 12 Maple Leafs is proudly displayed on my balcony.

Re: the Anthem – hilarious, but I would like to point a small historical inaccuracy presented in that clip.

“Canada has never had to defend itself in battle on its own soil.”
What about the War of 1812? And what about Charles de Salaberry, or the Voltigeurs etc.

And let’s not forget the wise words of a man usually quoted by Seifer:

Surrender her pronto or we level Toronto.

Oh yes, the War of 1995, better known as Operation Canadian Bacon,
should be mentioned when the matter of the Canadian military experience is brought up.