Oh boy

New avatar week.

I was going to hold an election but then Macho Man Randy Savage burst through my window and beat me half to death with a blitzkrieg of body slams, submission holds, and that thing where pro wrestlers punch people without hitting them, but it hurts the other dude anyway. Apparently Randy Savage lost all his money in an off-shore banking account and has been eating nothing but “slim jims” for the past 10 years. As a result in order for him to get back into the black, he needs to raise awareness on Pro Wrasslin’ hence he thinks he can bring it back to popularity if people change their avatars to uhh, Pro Wrasslers. I would have told him this was a bad idea, but I’m sure if I did he’d probably say “oohh yeeeahhh” about 2000 more times and there is only so much of that you can take.

So change your stupid jack off avatars of voltron, sephroth, sailor moon and John Wayne Gacy do some artificially enhanced pro wrestler.

Oh in case you don’t like this thread, since it doesn’t have a news article in it, here is one about Tom Cruise talking about how smart he is, read this instead of posting “derr you suck and this idea sucks, have invader zim avatarz nezt time”



I demand a Him avatar week.

Jesus steve, your still in doug avatar week, that was like, 2 weeks ago

The Undertaker is mine, he was always my favorite.

I think you guys suck.


I think you suck for listening to Him.

Hayes/XaelSayhe/Deegan/arm-slicing-genius-who-changes-his-username-too-often took my guy, but it doesn’t matter because you wouldn’t even know mine is austin.

ps yea im really that ripped pm me ladies 4 hot cbersekz

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t blame me! I didn’t come up with the idea, Vorpy did, lynch him and devour his entrails for a late brunch instead!

Go back to the chat room and continue talking about boys and makeup tips, you avatarless bastards

Yeah, discussing about Steve’s blue balls has to be 10 times as cool as having a wrestler’s pic as your avatar >:E

Anything steve is awesome, and if it’s about steve and jenny, then it’s even more awesome, and if setz somehow comes into play then it’s most awesome

And sarcasm is awesome incarnate.

Him avatars! Get your Him avatars here!

That’s the most lame-ass pacman I’ve ever seen.

It looks like a block of cheese! Yum yum.

Wrong him, jerk >=(

I meant the omnipotent Him!