Ogre Battle Max Rep. code?

I need the Game Genie cheat for max reputation. i have the game and all in real life, but i can’t hack the code cause this pc has a bad video card, so emulators don’t work on it.

If you can only give me the PAR code, that’s cool, cause i have a PAR to GG converter. Thanks

The PAR code for max reputation should be: 7E157C64

are any of those letters supposed to be lower case? cause the PAR to GG thing doesn’t recognize it as a PAR cheat

Originally posted by Elmdor
are any of those letters supposed to be lower case? cause the PAR to GG thing doesn’t recognize it as a PAR cheat
There’s only two letters. Try it for yourself.

i tried different combinations, but only quickly, because i had an appointment. I just made the post later, incase i missed a combo, and if not maybe the poster would see an error in it.

I’ve tried all the combos, and the program still doesn’t recognize it as a PAR code.

Why don’t you just EARN your reputation? CHEATER!!!

Seriously, I never had a problem with my reputation in that game. I just did what the people wanted of me.

Are you sure this converter is working properly? Here’s a pic of a game I started (under the name FIRESEAL, another map :P) using only that PAR code and ZSNES.

I think getting/creating evil characters hurts my reputation, that and those damed Fortune cards. I also think I take too long in beating whole stages, which I heard is bad for the character’s rep? and also fight each and every last enemy unit that I can, which I heard is bad, something about people not liking to be liberated by strong parties or something?

i dunno if it works properly, because I can’t make any PAR codes to test :stuck_out_tongue: But, I will look up some PAR codes to see if they work in the program.

Generally, it works best to liberate as many towns as possible, with groups that have the same alignment as the towns. (I just sent high-alignment groups to do it, it didn’t hurt.) Finding hidden towns helps a lot. It’s a good idea not to sit around after you kill all the enemies just to get money, that’ll kill your rep. I never heard anything about killing all enemy units being bad; if anything it ought to be a good thing. Also, if you use lower level units than the enemies, it raises your group’s alignment, it might help with your reputation as well. Either that or it DOES help your reputation, but not your alignment. I forget.

Just don’t liberate cities with your low alignment characters (except for the last stage, people will hate you there no matter what you do) and don’t choose wrong options, like forgiving Deneb or letting Galf join the party. Using lower level units against stronger units raises only your alignment, but it’s the only way to get units with max alignment, which will boost your reputation when you liberate a city.

I always sent teams of clerics and paladins to liberate my towns. Worked beautifully.

I used shit flyer units to liberate towns and plugged 3 mages/sorcerers/liches in front of the enemy castle. I killed 'em off once I had liberated the towns and acquired essential characters. Worked in OB 64 too.