Ogre Battle 64 - Where to now?

I’m stuck, just after the Fair Heights mission. I now have a choice of going to Tremos Mountains, or Vert Plateau or Capitrium. I do know that if I go through Tremos, Vert and Capitrium close. I also know if I go to Vert or Capitrium, Tremos closes. I also know that I can still get to Tremos Mountains II if I go to Vert or Capitrium. I also cannot get Biske in Capitrium, as I have Ankiseth, Aisha and Saradin in my party.

What I’m looking for is, which route is better? Vert Plateau and Capitrium, or Tremos Mountains? And please tell me why, what items can I get, which is the easier route, etc.

Ah. The BIG Chapter 3 question I get from a lot of friends that play OB64 as well.

I’m not familar with names too much as it’s been about a year and a half now since I’ve even laid eyes on a CART of that game, but I know what you should do.

If you want an beefed-up Enchanter (Paul) who can get a Robe of the Abyss (pretty nice) at the Temple of Bertha (I think…) AND find a Ring of the Dead for a lich, then take the non-Biske rout. When you see Paul (after you liberate a town in the NW I think) select “Is that what you really want” rather than “Let him be”. After the battle, he’ll join you. As for the Ring of the Dead, it’s …somewhere. NOTE: I’m not sure what your characters Chaos Frame should be to get Paul to join you. The first time I played through OB64, I got Paul, but I also had a LOW assed Chaos Frame, 'cause I didn’t pay attention to liberation/capturing.

If you want Europea (main character chick from original Ogre Battle, Centurion but VERY Strong!!! I RECOMMEND EURPOEA, GET HER!), her special item (Starry Sky, small shield, +50 defense against Dark Magic), and the Fire Crest (+20 resistance against EVERYTHING! Black Knights-type accessory) then go the “Biske” route. On the “Biske” map, take Magus to all of the eastern towns until you run into a scene where you meet Eurpoea in the woods. (I think. If not, try every town.) She’ll set out with her units, two Freyas and Paladins, to attack Biske. So don’t move Magus to a town until Biske is the last thing on your agenda. You don’t want her getting killed, stupid cpu AI and all. After the battle, she’ll join you. NOTE: With Biske’s weapon, the Sleep Sword, she becomes VERY Powerful. I forgot where you go for Starry Sky… The Fire Crest…is probably either in the same stage or the next (or previous). It’s in the middle of the map, where the snow makes a fairly obvious cresent shape. Go in the middle, and you should find it. If not, drowsing rod/GameFAQ it. Trust me, you WANT it! NOTE: Also, I think there’s a Feather of Archangel around one of the “Biske” stages.

So in short…

“Biske” path - Eurpoea, Sleep Sword, Fire Crest, Stary Sky (possibly Feather of Archangel)

“Non-Biske” path - Paul, Robe of the Abyss, Ring of Dead. (I personally think Liches aren’t what they are all cracked up to be… A Siren/Archmage is powerful enough at this point)

Hope it helps. :slight_smile: