ogg vorbis

I just downloaded an album, and i want to burn it to CD. However, my burner can’t burn audio CDs from ogg files.

How do i convert ogg to mp3? Or what is a burning program that can burn ogg (preferably free)?

I think most file conversion programs do it. OGG is Winamp right?

I’d recommend converting ogg to wav rather than mp3. Otherwise you’ll lose some sound quality. I’m sure you can find an ogg to wav converter on google.

wav oO wavs are fucking huge. Download Goldwave or something,; there are tons of converters out there, no worries :o

Yeah, it’s just a temporary thing: make the oggs wavs, burn them onto cds, and then delete them. I mean, it’s not necessary, but the cds will sound better.

Nero can.
Free Trial!

Just use Winamp’s “DiskWriter” output plugin. You can choose WAV or MP3.