Offline Version?


Thank u very much for this fantastic Website. i Love it :slight_smile:

But i have a little Problem. Im only using a slow and expensive 56k modem analog connection. so I cant stand all the Time online while Im playing old RPG’S …
Can anyone tell me whether theres existing an offlinme Version of the guides or how i can create one

Thank u very much or every help


PS: Sorry for my pretty bad english but Im from Germany

Well, if you are using Internet Explorer, you could save a walkthrough you like by selecting
File -> Save As

Or, you can select
File -> Work Offline

Pages that you’ve visited before should automatically show up, without you being connected to the internet.

Why would you need to stay online all the time to play a game?

I think he means just to check the on-line walkthroughs.

If you want, I belive that the Database has a good amount of text-only walkthroughs that you can save, if you don’t mind that.

BTW, welcome to the boards.

Psst, GG, the database entries for games that have shrines go BYE BYE!

also, you could just leave the requisite pages open in multiple browser windows, then disconnect and go back to the game.

I also use a 56K connection. It’s really not all that bad. Most shrine stuff is text in any case. :sunglasses:

I can’t believe people make these kinds of complaints about 56ks nowadays. Kids should be forced to use 14.4s every now and then like the rest of us did :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know that…you know, it might not be a bad idea to start including text-only versions of the shrine walkthroughs for exactly this reason.

I tryed the Internet Explorer Offline sutff… its somehow strange ^^

Is anybody here who knows a software that vam download the page?

Internet Explorer --> File --> Save As

that would only safe the main page not the cild, chilc-child, and child-child-child pages :smiley:

I just tried a random shrine subpage. It worked fine.

If you’re having problems, then I’d just open up every page you want in individual browser windows, and then disconnect from the modem. The pages should stay there afterwards.

I try this…
But the lufia2 guide for example has many subpages and that is nasty to click all :frowning:

There are freeware programs that let you traverse a site and download the pages that way. They might not get all the images and whatnot though.

And no, we’re not interested in offering our shrines for download to the general public. The last thing we need is every Tom, Dick and Harry having their own copy of RPGClassics on their hard drive so they can put it up on other sites.

Copy and paste the walkthrough and whatnot to a notepad or word document or print the walkthrough out.

For most in-gaming time, its just need walk through, Possibly the Secrets and tips, occationally Characters, if you’re playing to get someone, if you trying to get certain things (like ‘Cat Nip’ in FFX-2) find the relevent pages. Some games like Romanceing Saga 3 have about 5 or 6 pages for the enire main walk through, but they are large, about 100 hours, an average play time is 2-5 hours.

Are you stuck on the “RPG Classics Orgins - FF5”?

I usally can remeber want to i need to do after seeing the Pages.

Big Nutter
There are Sites which are can save to disk easier but Cidoflas is not telling and i won’t either

Internet explorer has a make available offline option for bookmark. Try the following:

Favorites -> Add to Favorites
Check the “make available offline” box.
Click Customize
Hit next until you get an option asking you if you want to make pages linked to this one also available offline, click yes and tell it to download pages 1 link deep from this one.
Wait for the download to finish.

That should make most of the shrine you’re looking at available offline, by setting the depth to only 1 page you shouldn’t pick up too much useless junk and you should have most of the shrine. With 2 deep you should be able to get the whole shrine, but you’re going to pick up a lot of other stuff along the way, it’s up to you.

If there is a option to follow links to other domains, make sure it’s not.

1 deep gets most of the shine if you have the walkthrough main page up. 2 will garentee all the shine other than occational part to the occational shirines.

Walk throughs might not be done (to my knowalage) are FF6. which I played without RPGC until after I reached WoR.

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The IE Offline Synchronisation Servidce has a problem. u cant use Filters. So u have to Download all lvl2-3 links.
And for example the walkthrough section is directly linked to the main page… so u have to download all sub pages of the mainage 3 !!

so it has no use for modemusers i think … .

A friend told me of a Tool named RafaBot… it reads the sites and interprets t and safes it with its own links :wink: it works fine…

Thanks for Help so far …