Official "What did you Give for Christmas"

I don’t think I ever saw a thread like this here, so I thought I’d start one for the pure hell of it. And posts, of course.

Dad - Biker T-Shirt
Mom - Wolf Statue
Whitey (cousin and friend) - Double headed, black bladed Axe.
Oz - (long time friend) - Curved throwing knife
Kat (woman-friend of mine) - Blue and Silver short sword w/h sheath
Sister - Neckalce (bling bling, foo’)
Myself - Terry Prachetts “Night Watch” (best damb book I’ve read!)

Dad - Laser level
Mom - CD Player
Jacki (sister) - “Aqualung” - Jethro Tull
Nicole (other sister) - “Mario Party 5” (on discount but SHH <_<; )
Heather (a friend) - “Life of Brian”
Becke (another friend) - “Nightfall in Middle Earth” - Blind Guardian, a set of headphones
Leah (yet ANOTHER friend… all of them are female for some reason :p): Assorted Bed Bath and Beyond stuff

Dad: Commando’s III: Destination Berlin
Mom: Sting’s autobiography
Sister: …Forgot already.
Nan and Grandad: DVD
Other Nan: Handkercheifs
Other Grandad: Chocolate

I am blessed/cursed with two sets of grandparents.

Father: chocolate
Mother: Shmuzzle puzzle (where the pieces are all the same shape)
Younger sister: Plush elephant that really trumpets
Younger brother: Yu-Gi-Oh Pegasus deck
Younger, younger sister: Hamtaro plushie

I’m not too creative when it comes to presents.

Mom- Hotpad and a little box for sewing things.
Dad- two books
Robert (my older brother)- two books and a hotpad
Everyone else in my family- hotpad
Friends- can’t say at this moment because I have yet to give and some of them come to these boards.

I got Pierson the AniMix ^^

Nelimar (niece): Hillary Duff CD
Jaime: (Nel’s brother) Body Lotion (he’s a sports player, can use it. :hahaha; )

I still got gifts to give, since here in PR most people want their gifts on January 6 (Magi Kings Day.) Among them:

Jean Alexander: Son of my best friend (considers me an Uncle): Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Joyce: (Jean’s older sister): Goth-punk style diary
Luis: (My sister’s three year old) …Err, not sure yet, but most likely, some age-appropiate Spider-Man or Hulk toy (he’s a BIG fan!)

The rest of my family: …What, isn’t my love enough? :hahaha;

Originally posted by Evangelion
I got Pierson the AniMix ^^

And he LOVES YOU! <3 tackleglomp

I like this thread. <.<

Sin: Hermit crabs, 2 wall scrolls, extra gamecube controller, Indiana Jones boxset, MiB 1 and 2 dvds, Interview with the Vampire dvd, Garnet plushie, His and Her Circumstances 1 dvd, Mario Kart Double Dash (from both me and my mom, really), westerny anime by Leiji Matsumoto. I think that’s it <.<

Mom: 2 tickets to the opera. (for me and her, of course)

Dad: massager thing w/muscle chart

And then I got a couple of friends some stuffed animals, and Sin and I split for a stuffed anteater for his sister.

If you got Sin that, what the hell did he get you o_O

Originally posted by Shinobi
If you got Sin that, what the hell did he get you o_O

He got me the His and Her Circumstances box set, DDRMax2 and 2 of the ultra thick pads for ddr (my other ones got messed up). Very cool stuff :slight_smile:

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I still give my friends gifts :slight_smile:

I bought pizza…and beer >.>

Mom: Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook.
Sis: Shade’s Children.
Dad: The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus.

Dad: leather wallet
Mom: dash mounted compass in liquid
Oldest Bro: hardware set (lots of screws and nails of various types)
Sis: An ultra kyoot Welsh Corgi calendar
Other Bro: $20 gift card at Ross
Nessa: a warm fuzzy blanket, a love-a-lot bear, an amusing yellow smiley santa plushie, a really kyoot sweater, and a LOT of beads for making necklaces and bracelets (well it was from my mom and sister too, but she still got it :cool:)

dad: a neon cord that can be plugged into the cig lighter

mum: a really fancy blouse, and I cooked most of dinner for her :smiley:

grandma: a wooden jewerly box with inlaid brass designs all over it, and a case of Dr. Pepper (she really likes DP)

I gave the greatest gift of all… A child’s laughter.


Well I pretty much gave everyone money.

Mom: a camera, came with film and batteries. She likes taking pictures, and her old one broke.

Dad: a pewter sculpture of a buck (as in male deer)

Natsu (my cat): a kawaii red collar with fake jewels on it, and a name tag; a funny ball thing on a spring, attached to a platform thing

Cisco (my dog): a rawhide chew that’s he’s already finished eating :stuck_out_tongue:

TGD: Die Hard collection box DVD set, a bucket hat that’s too small, Denis Leary “No Cure for Cancer” CD, 100 CD-R’s

Parents: Guitar, Watch, Madden 04’, Prince of Persia, LotR: Return of the King, Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, clothes

Other realtives: money :hahaha;

EDIT: Oh God, I thought this was what did you get for Christmas.

Um…I gave nothing, 'cause I’m selfish. :mwahaha:

My gift was buying part of my presents myself =P

A painting, a carving, a trinket, and a mug.