Official Notice of Uriel Alert Status

Attention all Forum Goers:

Over the past year, you have graciously went about your business cautiously under Uriel Alert level of Tutti Fruity. During this time, you have withstood and stupported new procedures to ensure our safety, such as the RPGCLASSICS Act. We here at the Department of Website Security are greatful for your sacrifice in the fight on Uriels everywhere. Fortunately, there has been a decrease in chatter over Uriel communication networks. Therefore, we are downgrading the Uriel Alert status from its previous level of Tutti Fruity Alert, a Severe Risk of Uriel Attacks, to Yellow Dog Democrat Alert, a High Risk of Uriel Attacks.

This lowering, however, does not mean that one can no longer be on one’s guard. The forces of evil are still out there, and they still hate our oligarchy. Until we can reach the hearts and minds, or just plain kill 'em, of Uriels everywhere, our site will never be truly safe. However, we will remain on our guard, ever vigilant. We shall ensure the forces of light colors defeat the forces of dark colors, by any means necessary. But our site shall persevere.

Please, go about your forum business as usual. If we cannot post in peace, then the Uriels have already won. For any questions, please consult your handy dandy Website Security graph.

Thank you, and Rast bless RPG

I changed my desktop background to white so now my computer runs faster.

I thought for a minute this thread was to introduce a new forum theme.

This is the test of the Uriel Alert System. If this were a real Uriel attack, I’d be screaming my head off right about now.

Heh, I think he’s had like 4 accounts over the last year or so. He’s not too sneaky.

While we have decided to lower the alert status, new information regarding Uriel attacks has led us to adopt new security practices. As a result of this your private messages may now be monitored. This should not prove difficult for our law abiding posters, as we have no reason to read your PMs if you’re not doing anything wrong.

I feel safer already.

Oh god hide the loli-porn guys. We can’t pass it around in PMs since some of us are from canada :x


Wow, that’s an actually non-sucky YTMND.

By the way, didn’t the alert status already go down to Yellow Dog when you made a thread exactly like this in November 04?

Hmmm why does this seem so familier? oh now I remember the Espionage act, and the Sedition act .

I miss Uriel. :frowning: I don’t know if I ever knew him

Unban him, but tell him he’ll be banned again if he uses the letter “E”.

holds Shin

It went down before, yes. However, it was later raised again due to Uriel threat alerts received. Since that time, we’ve been on Tutti Fruity Alert until I had received enough information to lower it again.

Isn’t Uriel really the reincaration of Dark Vampire from Ezboard?

Do you mean is it the same person? I don’t think so.

These boards need more pikapikapikapikapika
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dark dark

984, any chance of giving those of us unfamiliar with the alert system a quick run-down?