Offhand, how important IS the boot.ini file again?

Is it more important than EVE Online Trinity?

That is one HELL of an oops. Nice one.

(For the record, I do know what boot.ini is and what it’s for. It’s just funny)

Anyone who “plays” EVE should be able to handle this problem. The game is like math homework in space.

The main programmer is a fan of Myth 2*?

*which deleted your HD if you tried to uninstall the game.

I like how the EVE Online website’s link says, “We appreciate your patients” (emphasis mine).

I have to agree with this. Your average eve-r found this problem to be little more than a nuisance, though how it got past QA is beyond me.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the new patch (boot.ini problems aside), although the new strip miner animation is lol-worthy.

The lesson here kids is to always keep a spare boot disk on hand at all times and to back up your computer and set your system restore points regularity.

Because remember kids only you can prevent computer fires.

Originally Posted by Rast
although the new strip miner animation is lol-worthy.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but to accidentally misread that as Stripping Minor.

Man, this is making me want to play EVE again :frowning:

I don’t know what boot.ini does. I enjoyed EVE, but I don’t see it being as competitive as I like. Sad that only WoW has accomplished that. :frowning:

Well… boot.ini is kinda important if you want your computer to, you know, actually boot up.

They must have only tested it on Vista… which uses a different method to boot.

Is Eve online working with Geek Squad/Firedog/EasyTechForce or something? Bringing in computer patients to get their .ini files fixed?