Odd Office problem in XP

My computer is running on Windows XP and has multile accounts. My father’s and mine’s are both admin accounts.

The problem has to do with Word’s dictionary. You know, when Word sees a word he does not know (example: Linux) and then you add the word to his dictionary so he won’t say that is a wrong word again.

I can add words to Word’s dictionary. My father can’t. :fungah: .

I’d lide to know why it happens (besides MS being crappy), since we’re both admins, and how it may be solved.

That’s a new one.
Custom dictionaries are stored in the profiles, so that excludes the possibility that he only has read and execute permissions on the directory where the custom dictionary is stored. Because, if that was the case, he would also have had lots of problems with his profile. Which you haven’t said that he does.

I’m not very experienced with Windows XP and Microsoft Office when it comes to custom dictionaries and the sort, so the best I can do is point you to the Microsoft’s Office Pages. Microsoft is bad at a lot of things, but usually very good at helping customers with valid lisences.

I found out that in some machines with XP Professional (the one I use) words can only be added by the admin who installed Office on his/her account. Odd. And no, Microsoft didn’t help me when I contacted local support, even though I have a valid license. All the help I had was someone telling me to reinstall Windows and Office.

I used email and the international support, you’re usually forwarded to there anyway. I skipped a step.

Sounds like a reasonable explanation, if a bad one caused by a silly malfunction that shouldn’t be there.