ODB: 1968-2004

Former Wu-Tang Clan member and solo rapper ODB(Ol’ Dirty Bastard) was found dead in his recording studio, a day before his 36th birthday. R.I.P.

Story below


Guess he doesnt have his money anymore. But well…crazy.

I didn’t like him much as an individual artist, but Wu Tang kicks ass, so this is quite sad.

Hey, I say hey, Baby I got your money.

RIP you dirty bastard.

No slight on the dead, but damn - he was an ugly mother fucker.

Money brings no measure of comfort on your deathbed.

It does if you make sure the padding in your coffin is entirely made out of money.

You obviously haven’t heard of the song or else you would’ve gotten the joke :stuck_out_tongue:

When I saw this thread I thought that Bash had died ;.;