Od request

Anyone out there got an electric guitar or anything? Cuz I’ve got something kinda weird I want.

Step 1: Play the lowest note on it you can get. Sustain it for about two seconds. Like so. Record this on your computer. (WAV or MP3 format preferred.)

Step 2: Go four notes above that, like, half an ocative. Like so. Record that in a different file from previous.

Step 3: Go three notes above that, an ocative above the one two steps ago. Like so. Record – again – on a different file from previous.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 (with different files, of course. And number 'em in order) until you reach, like, the highest note you can.

Step 5: Send it to me.

Having done this, I may have something awesome to listen to eventually. Or maybe something that just sounds awful. Who knows? Only time will tell. And stuff.

I just played it a few times, and now have it down… now the only difficulty is finding my long-lost computer mic and recording…

First file gives a 404.

What are you up to, Yar?

That’s a pretty weird request. By lowest sound do you mean with a regular tuning, or should I tune my guitar so that I can get a lower sound? Because I can.

I could pick the timbre of a guitar and play a note in the lower threshold of human hearing. But I’m too lazy to download the program to do that.

Normal, I guess. But I’m after an electric guitar thingy, like the Distortion Guitar MIDI track tries to imitate, the kind of thing Strong Bad would approve of.

Aheh, whoops, try again.


*edit: oh wait, you said send, Uh ok. Well I can do it.