So… To change the topic… Is anyone else getting a blue screen of death during the game? I seem to be having the problem recently. When ever I ready my weapon or put it up, or look at a menu in certain areas, the screen will turn blue, forcing me to turn the comp off. It only happens in certain areas, so i was thinking it just maybe be a glitch. Anyways, if no one else is having the problem, it may just be because I have a comp that just reaches the minimum requirements. Thanks.

It is a system-requirement-based thing, as was my problem when first playing the game ( ‘oh, holy shit, negative colours,’), and can be fixed in one of three ways. First, find and download the ‘oldblivion’ patch. If you would like to follow a path less soaked in the taint of evil than a patch that lowers the games graphics, and has a terrible pun for a name, you can of course, buy a new computer. If you are poor, and still wish to avoid that large a taint of darkness, selling your soul to satan is always a good compromise between morality and expense. Not as evil as puns, not as expensive as a new computer.

Ah… Well… I think the soul selling will probably be my best option, of the three. Though I have narrowed dow the cause to the Blue screen. It only occurs when I ready or out up my bow. Luckily, that is my main weapon skill, almost reaching 50 ar this point. I will probably switch to a blade, seeing as how the problem does not occure with anything else. But thanks, if I do get tired of contsant melee I will probably look into a lawer to help get the most of my soul.

I just got my PC 2 weeks ago and Oblivion is the first game I want to get:bowser: