Best game ever?

Should I buy it?

Edit: I didn’t want to make another post, but I wanted to throw this out there.

I find you quite attractive.

Yessssss. Make sure you have a dvd rom drive though.

Game has not only managed to meet expectations, but I daresay surpass them. And I had HIGH expectations. It is made of win, so to speak.

It seems like a dumbed down Morrowind with more interesting combat and less interesting spellcasting <_<

I still can’t get myself to play it long enough to get out of that fucking tutorial dungeon. Christ, I can never settle on a character.

TD save at the very end of the gate, and just reload from there.

Beat the main quest already, and have skingrad’s buyable house fully upgraded/stocked with my shit.
The game is pretty good, and I enjoy it a shit ton more than I did morrowind.
I think morrowind just sucked.
Let the “OMG OMG OMG OBLIVION” fever roll off you before calling it the best ever, though.

The game is MUCH more playable when modded up to remove the console influence (y halo thar inventory). I promptly proceeded to exploit my newfound wisdom by getting lost in the dark and dying in a ditch, then rerolling 5 times and going back to Ouendan.

Sandbox games so don’t work for me <_<

What’s a sandbox game

Dark Brotherhood > Main Quest Line

Im going to rent it before i buy it. I bought Marrowind elder scrolls 3 for the Xbox due to my friends saying it was freaking sweet, and i was let down. I heard good things about this game, but im going to be a bit smarter and rent it first.

Oblivion: Great game, or the greatest game?

There’s your problem.
The community makes some amazing mods that make the game so much better, that the console will never see.

I agree. Playing Morrowind or Oblivion on the Xbox will severely limit its playability. I loved Morrowind to death, but I can’t play it the way it came out of the box. I found all the mods that fixed the nagging issues I had with the game (Cliff Racers GAH!@$!) and the game was a blast. I am holding off on getting Oblivion because

A. I want a computer that can run it smoothly.
B. I want to wait until the mod community matures a bit.

I am going to make it a nice christmas present.

Minimum specs?

Oh what a game. If anyone is thinking about buying it make sure you don’t have anythng important to do like work or eat.
bought it for the pc but been playing my rooommate’s 360 version because I don’t like using the mouse/keyboard. Is there a way to use a gamepad with the pc version. I miss the the mods the pc one has for it

Can’t the 360 controller connect to a PC?

Yep, according to Wikipedia. Hmm … something to look into, should I ever want to get a controller so I can play GGXX against an actual person

Daggerfall is still the best Elder Scrolls, if you ask me, but Oblivion comes second, then Arena and Morrowind tie, then those two shitty ones that I don’t admit happened.
Seriously, I love the character customization and schedules at whatnot. It’s like Daggerfall with prettier graphics, but without quite the limitlessness of scope or quite as well-written a main plotline. By which I mean, why the fuck can’t I make the King of Worms a god again?

Anyway, on another note, it’s appently getting rating-switched from T to M. While we’re discussing it, does that seem a little fucked up to anyone but me. I don’t know exactly if it’s one of the two ratings, or the fact that it was switched after release, but this, somewhere, somehow, is fucked up, if you ask me.

You think so?

I soooo knew that thread was there. . . really. . . uuuumm. . . hey, SE, would it be okay with you if I killed you to keep this on the downlow?