Ok, I won’t start an argument in this one. What are your opinions of Obamacare?

Then why did you make the thread in the first place?

To get the opinions of others.

ok, we can make this thread about the government shutdown also(mods, feel free to change the title of the thread, if you want).

who is at fault for the government shutdown?

per Obamacare, I have heard one flaw in it is that many people, especially young people, may decide to pay the penalty rather than buy health insurance. this could create a situation where there’s not enough money for everyone. in this case, those in need of care, such as the elderly, would be hurt by the system.

Way to miss the big picture.

Obamacare is nevertheless a joke. It basically says a person must have insurance and an insurance company can’t cherry pick the people on their roster. Everything we’re seeing is people blinded by their own rhetoric. The republicans are digging themselves in a hole and they’ve been going in this direction for nearly a decade. This day was coming and we’re not out of the woods for a long fucking time. Gerrymandering combined with a primary electoral system that appeals to unrepresentative extremes for the fucking loss.


Health care is the number 2 reason I’m probably gonna go expat again after getting my MBA

number 1 is i miss all the easy asian chicks.

number 3 is dubstep is not nearly popular enough in america (skrillex isn’t dubstep)

but serious post, health care is absolutely the most gut-wrenchingly awful horrible thing about this country. it sucks, it’s so fucking terrible, even China which literally makes you pay in cash before your treatment has a better fucking healthcare system than this mess. I’m not going to argue that there will be a mass exodus because of it, because if you can’t afford healthcare you almost certainly can’t afford to leave the country and start a new life. every time I turn on the radio or the TV here though I just want to fucking bash my skull into a pile of jagged rocks, everything is literally awful.

now replace healthcare with skrillex in above said rant and repeat