Oath of Broken Hearts

We stand, we stride, we fight,
Often unseen, often ignored.
We ride the wind and wield flames and light.
We are here, we are everywhere,
Vigilant, silent and determined.

We fight with honor and loyalty,
We live and die for others.
As long as a single soul needs aid,
We shall walk these lands unhindered,
Fighting and healing, as needed.

We are always here,
When we are needed,
And sometimes even when we’re not.
Our oath binds us to everyone else.
We watch over all.

We dedicate our lives to our cause,
For we have nothing else to live for.
The dream is everything,
For the likes of us,
Nothing else matters.

We are always here,
Easing the pain of others,
Aiding them as much as we can,
Giving up our lives so others may be happy.
We live only for them.

We are angels with broken wings,
We are secret protectors, caretakers.
We are warriors and healers,
Bound to our promise,
Until the end of time.

We are the Paladins of Broken Hearts,
Beings of light and flesh.
Our hearts have been torn apart,
And the pain almost destroyed us.
Now we live for the happiness of others.

Since affection is denied to us,
We give it to others and help them find
What we could not.
Forever we shall fight,
To aid those we cherish.

Such is our path,
Lonely and often ungrateful,
But we never complain.
The happiness of others
Is our own.

Forever we shall stand vigilant,
None shall harm those we care for.
Even though our hearts may never heal,
There are people worth living for,
And there will always be.

People worth cherishing,
People worth protecting.
Angels among humans,
Stars in a black sky.
We shall guard them with our lives.

W O W !

Did you write that?
That’s a great poem, sort of sad and tormented, but at the same time filled with a sort of love for everything :slight_smile:
Really nice :smiley: