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I have faith that Capcom will fuck it up.

What? MegaMan is hard to fuck up. It’s just jump+shoot. I must admit though, the game I’m waiting for is DC vs Mortal Kombat.

Considering what they had done with Megaman 8, I, too, am skeptical. So much about that game was just… stupid.

I want to be hopeful. I REALLY do. But I can’t help but agree with Sin on this…

Just give us Powered Up 2 or something. Or put Mega Man II on the VC.

Spoons, just buy the MM collections like I did for my GF. She has almost all the megamans and mega man x’s on GC. It was really cheap. 2 mini discs.

I have the PS2 version, but I left my PS2 and its games back home. I honestly wouldn’t mind dropping five bucks just for the convenience of playing MM2 on my Wii. But that’s the only one I’d download.

Anyway, on the topic of Mega Man 9, think it’s possible it’ll go on WiiWare and/or X-Box Live? I remember an interview with Inafune on 1up last year where he said he WANTED to do MM9, but it was up to Capcom to fund it, something they seemed reluctant to do. But with lower production and distribution costs of online services, it might be more likely there?

Nice to see that after all these years, Capcom has FINALLY learned to count to ten! :hahaha;

But I HOPE the game is about more than just jumping and shooting. Action games have evolved a lot since the 80s.

They must have found SG’s compositions and decided they needed a game to use them for!
Ha ha ha!

SG’s songs sound like Megaman.

I really do hope you’re kidding on that last sentence. You don’t mess with a tried & true formula, you just don’t.

I truly hope they stick to the classic game design.

Edit : Heck, they can make the graphics 2.5 D for all I care, as long as the core gameplay remains untouched.

All you have to do is jump and shoot.

Immortal advice from SG.

Also, while I want this game BADLY, I can’t believe what I’m wondering the most is the graphical style for franken-spriting purposes.

I refuse to play any Mega Man game which I can’t use savestates for.

…What? I suck at them.

I though this was fake when I first heard the rumor, but it looks like this rumor might have some legs after all. So much for MM&B being the unofficial MM9. (admittedly the one part of MM8 that I really liked was the fight against Bass)

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What? MegaMan is hard to fuck up. It’s just jump+shoot. I must admit though, the game I’m waiting for is DC vs Mortal Kombat.

All you have to do is jump and shoot.[/i][/QUOTE]

Actually it’s jump shoot and slide.

There are a couple of things that I’m worrying about here.

First, I hope that for the love of god they DO NOT MAKE THIS FOR CELL PHONES!!!

Second, that they don’t end up giving us a story that doesn’t create more plotholes than the ones that they are trying to fill, and that it isn’t too much like MM8’s or ZXa’s (which in of itself was too much like the plot of almost half of all anime and jRPGs).

Third, that they don’t overload this game with so many gamebreaking power-ups (or useless ones) that they fuck up the game’s basic system like MM6, or that they choose a format that doesn’t fuck up the game’s movement/sprite speed/size/all of the above like MM7.

Fourth, I hope that for the love of god they DO NOT MAKE THIS FOR CELL PHONES!!!

Fifth, there is no fifth point. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Finally, I’d rather see them make MML3 instead, but I’ll take what I can get.

Dude, Dragon God, what the fuck is up? Were have YOU been?

I second that. Capcom has fucked SO much with the MM formula, usually not for the better. Capcom is synonymous with crappy or mediocre sequel milking.

It feels weird reading about Mega Man 9 after having played MMX so long ago ^^. I’ve never really paid attention to the MM stories; sometimes it’s just nice loading a shoot+jump+select weapons game and dying endlessly if difficulty>=normal

edit: and wtf’s with that pic?

I have faith. Not only has Capcom really fucking stepped it up in the past few years, but their recent Mega Man excursions (X8, Maverick Hunter X, and Powered Up) have all been excellent.

I’m not as excited as I would be if I actually didn’t suck at MM games now… I think I have the shooting part down, it’s the jumping that gives me problems.

I hated the Z series (or whatever it was called). Those games were entirely too difficult.

The problem with the Z-series, (at least what I played of them) is that they PUNISHED you for using upgrades. Your rank drops if you use em. Total BS.

ZX I enjoyed, but I think they could’ve gone further with the ‘Metroidvania’ feel and made the progress through the game more oriented around what abilities you acquired, rather than being mission based. If you’re going to have a wide-open, progressive map, being blocked because a door is locked due to an event flag really destroys the feel. Never played ZXA yet.