o_O FF3/FFVI for DS?

You all better fucking preorder your DS’ right now. <i>Right fucking now</i>. The stuff coming out of todays press confrence is about to make me cream my jeans, and now this-

<a href=“http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=ja_en&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fquote.bloomberg.com%2Fapps%2Fnews%3Fpid%3D90003009%26sid%3Dax1fgKDY8aHg%26refer%3Djp_home”>Babelfish’d Bloomberg page</a>

<blockquote>Nintendo wasn’t satisfied though. Taking a page out of Sony’s “How to Bring A Giant Down” manual, Nintendo has secured the remake of Final Fantasy 3 to the DS. Naturally the remake is being handled by those fine chaps at Square-Enix. We consider FF3 to be a signficant boost to the new platform for several reasons. First of all, this is the only Final Fantasy that hasn’t been remade and commerically released. Secondly, FF3 has never managed to make it to western shores - and while there has been no details on a North American release, you can be assured that localizing for English DS owners would almost secure the success of the machine. Nevertheless, when we have more details about FF3, we will bring it to you. Do not confuse this version with Final Fantasy 6, which was the third version of Final Fantasy when it hit the US market.</blockquote>
-Source: N-Philes.com

Can you imagine the possibilties? :smiley: Think of all the times the party splits in 2! You could play one party on the top screen, and the other on the bottom! Or it could just be a straight port, but hell, i wouldn’t mind :wink:

EDIT: Well, there seems to be some confusion if it is FF3 U or J, and also some confusion if it is FFVI…>>;; I really could care less, i’d play all 3!

That might asnwer some questions

That is FF3j not FF6j/ FF3us. The one with Onion Kid’s :boring:. The one I’ve not played. FF6j has Terra (Tina) and … :mwahaha: :ulty: :thud: :chupon:

Either way, pre-ordering a DS now seems more and more like a GOOOOOD idea. :smiley:

sounds much like ff3j. Yes, that is the most excellent reason to preorder a DS. I’d like to see how the implement the two screens, and espeicially if they add any neat features to the game.

It fucking says “Do not confuse this version with Final Fantasy 6, which was the third version of Final Fantasy when it hit the US market”. Christ people, you learned to read in Kindergarden. Shit, use those basic skills.

When i posted it, it was unclear as to which FF was coming. Each site was reporting a different version. Sorry.

And hell yes, looks like the PSP is delayed! Though i dont know who the hell is buying one anyway, what with the 90 minute battery life and the heat issues.

That’s why it’s smart to read whatever the hell you post or link to.

Fuck, FF3, FF6, whatever. The DS is going to fucking rawk, get it anyway. And I prefer FF6 to 3 anywho

I think I’ll wait. To see what it looks like, and possibly for it to be emulated.

I’ll be waiting also, especially since I’m not interested in buying a DS. If it were a GBA thing (which of course could be played on DS), then super. Otherwise… whatever.

Well, while I won’t be getting one just yet, FF3 does improve my chances of buying one.

I may be out of the loop…but what’s a DS again?

THe nintendo DS. Its like a GBA, but with N64-quality graphcis (better maybe?), and with TWO SCREENS. One I believe acts as a touchpad, though I havent read up much on it myself.

It’s like a dream come true ;.;

mmm… Ninjas, Onion Kids and Sages. I could see myself dropping the deniro just for that one game.

How much is the DS going to sell for anyways? I can’t imagine many people buying it if it’s more than $150.

I don’t know the price, but whatever it is it’ll probably be at least half the price of the psp. I’m definately getting the DS with that rpg line-up, though if the psp has some good rpgs, i might be tempted to get both…not. Nintendo all the way on handhelds.

To be honest, I’m not thrilled with the idea of having the game on a portable system. Hell, I don’t think RPGs should be on them, but that’s just me. I think they should have included FFIII with Final Fantasy Origins when they brought FFII over. They could have charged the extra ten bucks to make the game $49.99 and then every single FF would be on PS/Ps2 until the next generation console came out.

It premiers on November 21, for 150USD, with PictoChat! and a dashboard already built it. It also comes with Metroid Prime Hunters First Strike (a demo of MPH i guess).

Games will sell for 30USD.

I think it will beat the PSP, seeing as the PSP barely eeks out 90 minutes of battery life, and sony <a href=“http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/29/1828241&tid=207&tid=156”>can’t figure out</a> how to up it. The PSP also gets extremely hot after only a few minutes of playng.

Also, sony has said the PSP will cost 350USD, and games at 50. I definitly think the DS has this one in the bag.