O_O DC-ishness!!!

(Okay, if this is in the wrong forum, lemme know. I thought since as a pic it was technically media, logic would dictate that it would fit in here. meep)
…Wow. I had no idea Raijin had an eyebrow ring… All Hail Nomura (sp?)!!!

…Note to self: Never assume that you’ve seen every bit of Official FF8 Artwork on the web. Sooner or later something like this shows up. Wow.

Wow, that’s very good. =O

Uh…looks like a phoyoshop collage of the three official artworks of fujin, raijin and seifer to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seifer (/shamelessplugforshrine)

Deppenkind. :stuck_out_tongue:

DT consider this reconciliation.

Yay :smiley: