Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco at Teh bestest place in the worldz!

Va me consigue uno puta.

Their gorditas or chalupas are pretty decent too.

Sadly, I can’t have the soft tacos :frowning:

Damn gluten-free diet

“It goes one prostitute obtains me.”???

Thats what the translator said, I dont know spanish… >_<

Yeah i hate babelfish, i meant get me one bitch/whore. Only took a year of Spanish and it shows cause i remember virtually nothing!

We don’t have Taco Bells in Norway.
Good thing I don’t like Mexican. *Nod.

Oh I get it now…I think…Taco Bell?

I love Taco Bell food.

Ew. If you like Taco bell save yourself some money and make yourself a trash sandwich.


Non in England, I think (Pie Help me!). But then I like Chips or a Chinise, both fills me up better.

Big Nutter
But I do like Taco: The Comic on Bob and Geroge.

Tell me about it i had to eat there on a road trip.But somtimes tey are good :suckah:

Taco Bell is to Mexican food as chop suey is to Chinese food.