What’s her story anyway? She has a million billion posts but none of them are over a sentance long, and half of them are telling the person if they deserve cookies or not or how mr. happy smiley says “hello”.

She also seems to own the internet since most of the pictures posted here are hosted by her webspace.

Is she some omnipresent astral-beast living in the mountains in Norway, who toys with mortals on the internet using her mighty norse powers to uuhhh host images and tell people they are one day closer to death?

Seriously, what’s the deal with Nulani?

i heard she’s a girl…oh oh do you think she likes me? :kissy:

I know that I’m no one to say this, but I’ve seen worse posts. No accusation intended. I just wanted to point out that it’s not that big of a deal afterall, or at least to me…

She’s noir, she’s death and she’s computer savvy, so she deserves ultimate respect.

This reminds me of her, due to her style & attitude.

who the shadow or the little girl? there both pretty acurate portrayles of her. :moogle:

She’s just some chick from Norway who owns her own webserver. And she likes posting comments that aren’t really that related to or informed of the topic at all.

Yeah and she actually has personality, unlike some girls who show up and post, on the net.

I’m a perfectly normal person with a perfectly normal job and with perfectly normal hobbies, now wish me happy birthday and give me money and cookies and talk about something else.

she’s pretty butch

Sad. But her avatar looks like taken from that clip. Well, maybe except the scythe and those “wings”.



Who thought anything else?

Ah, yes, me. :slight_smile: No, just joking. Really. You don’t believe me people?

I HAVE PERSONALITY! I don’t join up on message boards just to say I’m an asian girl hey look at my pic any other girls here la de daa~

I don’t like your attitude.

I actually agree :open_mouth:

Don’t you give any sass to that avatar.

Her “personality” is too contrived to be real. The whole “I am death” thing just seems like such a charade. Nul’s a sweet girl and I’ve had cybersex with her, though. So extra points.

Good God, what is up with that? thats was one of the oddest but crazy flash movie ive seen, i doubt that this perosn is like that.My goodness that was a horrible movie, i mean, just to make friends, or whgatever she wanted, she didnt even know the shadow, and she killed her family…whats up with that?

Er… she went to the tomb, genius, they were already dead it seems :wink:

Hence the shots of her poisoning her father and ripping her mother to shreds, then tearing a baby and umbilical cord out of her.