NTSC/PAL questions

  1. Are blank CD/DVDR’s region free?
  2. Can I play PAL DVDs on my American Laptop?

1-Yes. 2-No. 3-Stop buying shit in Europe. Its the same story everywhere.

Yes, and yes, if you use VLC or MPC.

Thank you.
It does indeed work. Kick ass.

Nulani already answered, but I thought I’d be a bit more specific. PAL/NTSC is really just a TV standard. It doesn’t really apply to computers, and pretty much every computer in the world will play both PAL and NTSC discs. You might run into problems with regions though, depending on the firmware in your dvd drive. Though it sounds like you’ve been having no problems, so enjoy. None of the DVDs you buy in Europe will work in TV-DVD players back in the States though, so you might want to consider that before buying too many. Ironically, most NTSC DVDs will work in PAL players in Europe, but unfortunately for us Americans it doesn’t work the other way around.

Right, that much I know. I wanted to be able to rent movies and watch them on my laptop, but it’s not worth buying any. I should’ve said Region 1/2, but I thought it meant the same thing as NTSC/PAL