NPH at his best.

No lie.
There are three acts; all together they total about 40 minutes of amazingness.

Kero looks like The NPH.

Doogie Houser + Singing did NOT appeal to me, so I ignored it at first, but I have to admit, this made me chuckle. Not sure if I’d watch more, but it was certainly well made.

He also sang in Assassins. I think he got good reviews there. Don’t doubt The NPH.

I’m an insane Joss Whedon fan (although came late to it; only started watching Buffy after Angel had already finished, but I’ve finished the entire Buffy run and am almost done the third season of Angel. Oh, and I saw all of the criminally cut-short Firefly and Serenity). Anyway, I thought this bled awesome.

Cid: Whedon is also doing “Buffy: Season Eight” in comic book form. In case you’re interested. (And yes, it’s considered canonical.)

He also wrote X-Men for a while. Not sure if he still is; I haven’t followed X-Men in years.

Yes, I know… I never buy comics though. I get enough flak as it is for buying manga. -_-

…You get flak from buying Manga, but not from video games? 0_o

Maybe if there were more Manga out there that allowed you to train your brain everyday, to loose weight, or raise dogs he’d get less flak.

What I’m trying to say is that we need Bejeweled: The Manga. <.<

Go for it.
“If you’re not a fricken tard you will prevail.” -Captain Hammer