Now you don't need to go to Gold Saucer

Earn GPs from the comfort of your cell phone.

It’s kind of sad that these graphics that were “amazing” when FF7 came out, can now be had on a freakin’ phone :stuck_out_tongue:

First one to say it’s been posted before!

That’s nice, but can’t I go as Tifa?

Tifa can’t snowboard, her body is not aerodynamic.

Thanks for reminding that I was the first out of the blocks on this one.

I beat you by about…two weeks? No, no, just two days. Better luck next time :wink:

Was it Vincent or Cid you could snowboard as in FFVII occassionally? Man I should really play that game again.

It was Tifa - that’s why I said it!

I hated that mini game…

Cid would also participate sometimes.