Now YOU can have the DBZ hair you always wanted!

Or something like that.

There are no words. Seriously. All I can do is laugh.



Still doesn’t change the hilarity of it, though.


This shit is…

Tapping the untouched anime market.

Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

… Brilliant!

Oh yeah, check out the sculpted manga… tee fucking hee. Number three >>

Sexy, 984.

that stuff’s just funny. people think it would be cool to have hair like that, but it looks pretty wierd when actaully done.

I believe all of Asia cried this day.


<img src=“”>

God damnit, I’m friggen sick of Japanese culture in America

You know the sad thing is that will probly catch on. Next thing you know kids will be poking out peoples eyes with there hair and qouting AKIRA. ;_;

… Canada?

… don’t make me slap you Mog. >:’(

I wonder what my hair would look like with that kinda stuff. I’m tempted to try it for halloween. I don’t know how the hell I’d use it or what look I’d go for though. Man that gel’s got to be insanely solid.I wonder if you could poke people’s eyes out with that kinda gel and sue Garnier.

That Manga Story is very, very painful.


I think it’s cool. If you dont wanna wear a wig at the conventions, you can use that stuff

Now, these days people say “manga style”. That makes sense, because anime comes from manga

It’s pretty stupid most poeple only know about shoujo and shounen manga. There’s also manga for adults (and no, it’s not neccesarily about porno). Most otaku dont know about that because they’re teenagers

Back in the day the punk kids just used watered down elmer’s glue.

No real hair will look as good as hair does in manga…EVER.