Now this looks familiar.



Now we all know how well that turned oput for the US. :fungah:

Yes but Great Britain, France, and Germany don’t have Bush as their leader, so it may not be as catastrophic.

Fucking hell… Why do I think by the time my tour is over in Iraq, I’ll be heading to Iran soon after?

Britain has Blair, basically an English version of Bush…that can speak. Schroeder (spelling?) he turns on allies. Then France, what can they relaly do to enforce anything? They haven’t had a good military since Napolean.

… I’m not even gonna say anything.

I was jsut thinking. This coudl help America since tensions have been rising between America and Iran. This could get Europe to take that heat off America and handle it.

Who’s gonna give them the heat?
And the only thing that would help America is if someone went back in time and made sure GW wasn’t elected. Or if he isn’t elected this time might help.

A nuclear Iran is something we should all be worried about. I think its good to see the Europeans go at it because they have more credibility than the US because of how Iraq turned out. It also encompasses a larger group of countries and a greater variety of mentalities and political affiliations.

Nonetheless I’m not too surprised Iran is getting shit and the kind of serious warnings it is getting. Getting Iraq was a good strategic move from a mobility standpoint in the Middle East since the US doesn’t have to worry about a 2 front war because of how pathetic the local armies are in comparison. I figured either Syria or Iran was gonna get it up the ass sometime in the future and it still looks like that will be the case.

France can go both ways…guess who’ll use this to get into power…Jean-Marie Le Pen, who’d KILL for a chance to, well, Kill All Arabs.

The problem with Europe is they can’t be taken seriously. At all. Asking people to stop making their deadly superweapons won’t do a damn thing; once the deadline runs out, they’ll just extend it again.

As opposed to going in there to FUCK SHIT UP, as a NĂĽ-metal singer so eloquently said?

The difference is that Iran actually has the capabilites of constructing nuclear weapons, as opposed to a small country riddled with no-fly zones and about as much military might as any South African country.

I sincerely hope the people of Euopre see the irony in France and Germany’s proposal and that the use of force will not be necessitated.

Especially after the aggressive invasion of Iran’s immediate neighbour. Iran saw what happened to Iraq and realized that Iraq would never have been attacked if it really had any nuclear weapons. Iran also saw that the Bush administration is willing to start an aggressive war on a completely fraudulent pretext. The neoconservatives who spent the last decade pushing a war against Iraq, and finally succeeded under Bush, have also been calling for an invasion of Iran. In fact, they’ve always wanted Iraq to serve as a launchpad for further wars in the Middle East. Now, there’s a large American military presence next door to Iran. Therefore, from Iran’s point of view, pursuing a nuclear program is only common sense, since it would be the most effective deterrent of a foreign invasion.

And let’s not forget to mention the N. Koreans showed it worked (no pun intended considering recent events).