Now THIS is why the soviets make such great villians...

…because they know what is cool.

Pictures of a Soviet Space BattleStation, built in the 80’s and ready for deployment by a Eurkea Booster.

This is not a photoshopped image.

<img src=“” width=“600” height=“500”>

<a href=“”>Prepare to be blown away</a>
<a href=“”>Specs and more detailed information</a>



What the hell is that supposed to do? Take pictures of the Earth’s cloud patterns until they win?

That’s nothing compared to my orbital battle station!

Fire lasers at the earth and ICBMs still in boost stage. Seriously.

Ion Cannon Ready.

Pres Butan To Go

Korea already has 5 of those, and they can combine to form the invincible robot “Distructamus”.

That’s awesome, they could draw doodles on their enemies’ homeland via awesome lasers and giant transformable/combinable sattilites/robots !

That’s awesome, they could draw doodles on their enemies’ homeland via awesome lasers and giant transformable/combinable sattilites/robots !

I just remembered that chapter from Cowboy Bebop, Jamming With Edward. It’d be pretty crazy if you could really do something like that.

Someone’s compensating for something! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

You’d think our military, with all the money we give it, could build something that cool.

I’m more worried about the supercavitation torpedoes. Orbital launches towards the land can be dealt with before they fall. A launch from abissal regions, exiting the water just as it reaches the shore, can’t.

I can’t believe it, man. This board is full of geniuses, but you are like a level above. Were you genetically enhanced?

your sig fits perfectly into this thread, like a piece of a puzzle.
As soon as I saw the shot of Polyus, the Soviet national anthem started playing in my head non-stop full blast.

Soy’ooz neroosh’imi resp’ooblik svob’odnikh
Splot’ila nav’eki vel’ikaia Rus
Da zdr’avstvooyet sozdanni voley nar’odov
Yed’ini mog’oochi Sov’etski Soy’ooz

I miss the good old days of the “Evil Empire”. Now, all we have is an “Axis of Evil” and Al Quaida to play the war games with.


The leader of the Soviet Union, Yuri Andropov, immediately accused the United States of seeking to militarily dominate the Soviet Union
Hey Yuri, why don’t you walk up that cliff…
And drop off!

You are a member of Soviet Empire? If you are my user name is Achtung Panzer.

That is pretty darn awesome…one thing tho is that it looks vaguely like a penis.

points back at 984’s post

Why did they design it like that anyway?

The white/bottom part is just a rocket to boost it into orbit. Most of the stuff, aside from chemicals for powering the laser, is stored in the black part.

Not really, comrade. I was just looking for transliterated lyrics(Russian written in the roman alphabet) of a Soviet Anthem and I found
Cool site. But your nick – it’s german. Niet! I would choose something more appropriate, like Dzerzhinsky (KGB founder) or Djugashvili (Stalin). Da!

By mistake Stalin arrives in heaven after his death, but St. Peter recognizes him immediately and sends him down to hell. A short time passes before three little devils come up to St. Peter.
“what do you want here?”
“Stalin came to hell.”
“yeah and so what?”
“We are the first political refugees”