Now this is just plain nifty

Who knew you could do so much with something so simple?

Wow. That… Was pretty good.

Nah, that’s old…
I’ve know about it since… YESTERDAY! Muahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Building blocks, GG. Every play with Legos?

Big smile :slight_smile:

<Neh. Why should I?>



That <i>is</i> nifty!



That was pretty good.


Cute, but a little long for my current attention span.

Still, a respectable showing of creativity. applause

Wow, that was impressive. I doubt anyone really played it as it showed though. I bet it was copy/pasted together. Still, even if it was I give it many kodos. Mucho impressivo.

Yeah it was good. I wanted to drag the load bar to the end.

That was pretty cool…

… that’s all I have to say…

Well, that was pretty good, I hafta say.

That was awesome.