Now this is a selfish little bastard.

Kid bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation

I think that this is one situation where Make-A-Wish Foundation needs to say “Fuck You” and pull the plug on him. Screw the charter, or at least revise it.

You realize this is a joke and is not real right? It’s straight from TheOnion.

Given your military expertise, how much does an F-14 Tomcat cost?

I was wondering about the legitimacy of this when the kid wished away the legal team.

Aw come on make a wish foundation, that’s one of the basic rules of wishes! You set your limit and rule out wishing for more wishes! Jeez. :frowning: Haven’t they ever seen Aladdin?

I knew this was fake when the lady said, “We can only hope (the kid’s death) is coming soon.”

come on now guys, give info a break. we all know the military is just a little gullible…

I hit the ground when I saw that he wished for his face to, not only be carved into Mount Rushmore, but to have it done by 2031. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

So, could one buy a less famous mountain and have Batman’s and Nes’ faces carved?

If you just have enough money to buy the mountain, and to employ enough people to carve it, yes.

Mor importantly, which Batman? (There are a lot of different verisons of him.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Adam West’s batman. to be immortalized in stone forever. Preferally with a jagged word bubble encasing the word “POW!” right next to it.

Thus begins the quest for my first billion.

I’m going to let Batman pay for the face carving himself since he has infinite money.