Now that is a new one

Wow, I was told today that I hate America’s freedoms and should leave since I don’t think America is the greatest country ever. I was told this by a fellow soldier (actually a National Guardsman, not someone on active duty), it is just amazing the ignorance of some people. Of course this whole topic came up because I mentioned that it was still a close race and anything could happen (oh I’m such a dirty liberal). I also happen to be a commi socialist since I don’t like the way McCain has changed over the years. It is just funny that someone would insult me like that, even though I voluntairly reenlisted in the military and went from reserve to active duty (can’t you just see how much I hate America). I don’t care that the guy supports McCain and hates Obama, but telling me to leave America and that I hate it just because I won’t say America is the greatest country ever is just stupid and ignorant (especially considering he said even dumber things such as Obama wasn’t born in America and isn’t able to provide proof he was born here). Sorry, just had to post this since it has been bugging me all day. It just bugs me to be told that I should leave America and hate our values and freedoms (like what McCain, Bush, and Palin have been saying about terrorists) just because I won’t say America is the greatest country ever.

The most famous National Guardsman with that attitude can’t get job approval ratings over 30% nowadays.

I bet you think it’s imperfect, don’t you? God, you’re such a liberal, hate filled man, Info. You think you have us fooled with your “join the military” this and “protect my country” that, but you haven’t! Clearly your associate is correct and you should leave the country. Why don’t you go to Afghanistan or Iraq or something, huh?

Oh wait.

Snap. D:

Normally I would tell you to tell him something witty and cool but unfortunately ignorance is immune to wit and there’s nothing you can really do about him except hope he gets shot in the balls or something. But then again it’s probably not his fault that he was brought up so poorly to begin with.

The saddest part is that you’re probably talking to a future senator there. :frowning:

Editor’s note: Sorry for the negative attitude there but I’m getting sick of this election bullshit and politics in general. I just want this to get over with so we can get on to the next four years of campaigning.

Lotsa people like that, sorry to hear it bugs you so much though. A good retort to him would’ve been that he is a traitor to his country if he refuses to serve the president if obama is elected.

No matter what you try to tell some people, they retain that inability to listen. Maybe something will happen to him…but chances of that are slim (the evil/stupid ones always tend to last).

And yes, this fucking election needs to end. Now. So I won’t have to hear another Obama vs. McCain story for the next few years. And people wonder why I don’t care for politics…too much bullshit.

Anyone willing to fight for his country has a right to say that he loves it, no one should insult you like that. My opinion anyway.

IMO, you can’t be both loyal to your country and loyal to the person in charge of it. Well, almost never.

This guy is the kind of person who thinks that anyone thinking differently from him is wrong. Ignore him, for the sake of your own sanity.

Also, ironic how in his head, having preference for a given candidate instead of another is “hating freedom”. Didn’t democracy include the freedom to support whichever side you wish to?

Um… what Ren said.

Well, the “election bullshit” people are so peeved about is gonna be over soon, so isn’t that a bright side?

Yeah, it was just annoying though.

However, he did reach a new level of stupidity and I see that he really is just repeating what he hears on TV from Republicans and is a loyal Bush/Cheney follower. He is very against Obama’s stance on gun control which he understands to be limiting the types of weapons available (which is already done) and that guns can’t be sold within 5 miles of a school. When I reminded him of such a case and that the Supreme Court decides what the Constitution means, he said “Fuck the Supreme Court, it doesn’t mean anything.” He apparently knows all about the second amendment and how taking his guns away violates his rights, but doesn’t realize that it is the Supreme Court that has a big part in government too. I keep try to remind him that there is more to the second amendment than “the right to bear arms” and that some arms aren’t needed for self-defense (completely ignoring that the first part says “A well regulated Militia”). It is funny that he says “fuck the Supreme Court” where the Supreme Court is where he’d go if Obama did go too far in gun control. I’ll tell him that you can’t get grenades, which are a type of armament, but he says “you can’t buy grenades so why are you bringing it up?” not realizing that I’m bringing it up to show an arm he can’t have and has accepted it. Ignorance at its finest, especially considering he went to college.

There are people all over like this. Barack Obama, as much as he motivates people and instills them with positive ideas he really scares other people. A lot of people are very afraid of his presidency and I can’t help but believe that it’s his ethnicity that incites these feelings. I truly believe that the Tennessee skinhead assassination plot is just the very, very beginning of assaults against Barack Obama.

When I was in France, I was arguing with a guy about Sarcozy, and he told me I should stay in France if I cared so much, because it was good for people to get involved and try and make the change they think is best. It was such a culture shock from having been told since I was about ten that I hated my country and should just leave when I turned 18.

why don’t you shoot him

It’s because of ignorant hicks like him that Bush and his ilk have had their claws on power for so long. He’s a liability to his country and to the human species. From what you’re telling it sounds like he can’t even think on his own but just repeats Republican propaganda.

Do let us know what temperature this guy spontaneously combusted at last night, Infonick. :wink:

Oh yeah, he was all fired up today (along with some others in the platoon, but not to the extent he was). I was surprised to see he still ad his hair though. I guess the good news is he was still alive and didn’t hang himself. He gave me the obligatory, if I try to take his guns he’ll shoot me. He asked me if I would consider restricting assault rifles, and I said it depends and he just gave up. However, it is his sort of temperment that would make me consider restricting the weapons to certain people, because that is quite a violent attitude and not one of defense.

That guy sounds like the type that would make his own guns if he was restricted from firearms.

Most likely, afterall, he sees the government as the enemy (what he is doing in the military with that kind of thinking, I haven’t a clue). He doesn’t even really understand government, such as seeing how the Supreme Court is big protection. He also believes we would be better if everyone had guns and we didn’t have police. If the government “took away his guns,” he probably would make his own and start some trouble. Afterall, nothing says home defense like a .50 cal sniper rifle!