Now teachers carry guns as well.

But it seems like they need it.

Yes, when there are armed revolutionaries in the area, one should carry weapons, and know how to use said weapons.

wouldnt want to be on that teachers bad side. This time the tables have turned, teachers will shoot kida out of anger, instead of the kids shooting them cuz they got a bad grade.

Indignant Kid: “Heh, what are you gonna do, send me to the office?”

Teacher: “Yeah. THE CORONER’S OFFICE!”


Teacher: “When I say “no talking” I mean it, bitches.”

Definetly gives a new perk to being a teacher’s pet.

shit, I know if I ever become a teacher (which will NEVER happen;cant stand fuckin’ kids and their back-sass) I would carry a gun either way.Specially since kids have been getting more violent these days.Freakin’ crazy little bitches. cap,cap

And school used to be a safe place back in the day. Tis sad.

My little bro just graduated from public high school. They had guards in the halls and metal detectors at the entrances.

Teachers strapping would be way too big of a temptation though. Think about it. If the whole class attacked the teacher, they’d end up with the gun. Then whats up?

A riot, of course.

“Hey Jenna, I always liked you, want some extra credit?” lascivious looks

Jenna worries and stumbles clumsily about her words as she notices she’s alone in the classroom and the door is closed

“Your lack of enthusiasm is disturbing, ah hell, time for plan B” pulls out a gun

That would never happen anyway. Students are not allowed to bring a weapon into a school, so joking about how teachers (people in position of authority here) bringing guns to school is a bit redundant. It will never happen anyway.

Judging by how things look,I think your statement is out of place XD Seriously though I wouldn’t be surprised if this was allowed in the US.

My best friend is a high school teacher. If he carried a gun, he’d end up shooting himself in the foot to get out of work.

I’m glad my teachers never carried guns. I might not be here.

Yeah. Minors aren’t supposed to drink alcohol either. And it’s wrong to speed. And no one is allowed to kill someone else in cold blood. But hey. Those will never happen anyway.


Thanks… thanks a lot.

I mean like it will never happen <i>legally</i>. Which is a bit obvious, but you never know what some people are implying.