Now and Then, Here and There

If you give half a shit about anime, you owe it to yourself to watch this one.

Shu is a regular boy who sees a strange girl sitting on a smoke stack, gazing at the sunset. Upon reaching her, he gets pulled into a future earth- a wasteland where just about all humanity is wiped out and those who remain are engulfed in war. He gets captured, and forced to serve in the army of the insane Dictator Hamdo along with other kids who were kidnapped as well. He witnesses first hand the grim horrors of war, as does the viewer, and it is not a pretty sight.

I cant say it’s depressing… hope, and holding tight to your values are major themes here. It’s not depressing, but it’s very emotional, and you will probably feel pretty drained by the end of the series. The thing that makes it so powerful is that it’s presented in a way that’s real. Of course, getting sucked into a world of mechs and whatnot isnt real. What is real are the emotions, the wars, the people’s reasons for acting the way they do, and so on. The character development is among the best ever seen, period.

Anyway, Now and then, Here and There- 13 episodes, the boxset is ridiculously cheap. I just got it off of’s Weekly special list for like 24 bucks. You wont be disappointed.

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An excellent series, absolutely.

I saw this a while back and was very impressed. I thought it was a very powerful series, and strong social commentary. Definitely a must-see for even non-anime fans.

And on a side note, La-La-Ru is just a damn cool name.

Talk more about now and then

I wrote a review on it, I don’t think I have to talk more about it. 8p

NTHT can also be used… as a hat.

Places open DVD cover on head.

EDIT: /// Yeah, it pretty much explains things. Hellywood had a machine that could transfer matter between different dimensions, parallel universes, time, or something like that. It’s assumed that is how LaLaRu got to (Shu’s) Earth and it is definitely how they got sent to Hellywood.

does the series ever explain the girl on the water tower and how he got sucked into a future world? things like that bother me to no end when they aren’t explained.

If you watched the whole series, yes it did.

well i haven’t watched any of it yet, but i’m starting to think it’ll be worth checking out.