NOTICE: User Titles

From now on the administrators will not be changing people’s titles for them when requested. We have doubled the existing user title length to 50 characters, but no one with 1000+ posts is allowed to go past that. Until I figure something else out, staff will of course still get their titles changed when requested (unless it’s Cless asking for spaces in his :P)

Okay, so this means that I’ll hvae to get 1000 posts, then I’ll have almost no limits to my possible titles? Sweet. :cool:

Yo man, porn links? What the fuck?

<img src=“”> Porn spammer, no admins or mods active, just ignore him and wait until they get online.

twiddles thumbs

… I mean, KILL HIM!

Meh, I can live with that…but mark my words, I am going to have some FUN when I hit 1000 again! :o

obviously inappropriate titles will be dealt with as well.

Porn links?


They been deleted?

Damn… I mean, erm… good, carry on.

Hmmm I could think of a few good titles, but it looks like I’ll ahve to wait…

I hate the world.

maybe for your birthday Cless, if you’re real good.

Originally posted by Merlin
obviously inappropriate titles will be dealt with as well.

Damnit. There goes my beautiful perverted art…

Forgive me, but I don’t quite understand what the plan is. I know that staff can request title changes, but I don’t understand the deal for the other posters - are we stuck with the title we have from now on, or is it something different?

On a sort-of related note, I’m updating test methods at work where I find the wording unclear. :stuck_out_tongue:

once you hit 1000 posts you’ll be able to change your title as before, only that the admins aren’t going to change titles that exceed the character limit anymore, setting a 50-char max cap instead.

Now I understand. Thank you for clarifying. :cool: