Notice to all RPGCers who live in Georgia or any surrounding states:

I shall soon be getting my drivers license, so tell me where you live, dagnabit! Unless, of course, you don’t -want- a visit from a psycho army dude.

California is not a surrounding state of georgia, right?
…guess not. :expressionless:

Is Canada close enough? >>;


England :smiley:

Same here. Driving across the Altantic isnt hard, in theory. ;;>_> damn you right-ponders

I live in North Carolina, if that counts.

I feel for you.

Vermont is or can be on route to Canada ^ _ ^; If i get too annoying you can kick me out into a large body of water wee.

Canada is a bit too far, damnit:P Maybe if I ever get a duty station farther north, but until then…doubtful.

And DT, since when are you in California?

The RPGCali thing foo. How’s army life treating you infantry boy?

Hardcore training all the time. They put me driving a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, so I feel like someone out of Mechwarrior every time I get in the hatch:) Unfortunately, it’s my job to do all of the maintanence on the damn thing, which sucks. Oh yeah, i’m going to the sandbox in January, apparently.

Hoorah! Get some!

Hell yeah! My goal is to run a raghead over with my Brad:)

So that’s what you guys call them. We call them “hodgies.”

Hodgie? Wtf is a hodgie? That sounds like a racial slur trying to be PC. At least with raghead you know you’re using a slur, especially when screaming “COME AND GET ME YOU FILTHY FUCKING RAGHEADS, I’M GONNA KILL EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF YOU DIRTY BITCHES” turns .50 cal on the iraqis See?

Well, everyone calls them hodgie, i’m just used to calling them ragheads because i’ve been doing it for longer.

Hodgie… Hadji… the Indian boy who tagged along with the team on the old Johnny Quest cartoon.

V, come visit me. :stuck_out_tongue: