Notice: Give Pinky the boot

As you might’ve noticed, the person Pinky18 has spammed us with quite a lot of porn. Please give him what he deserves

  • A lot of concerned people

I’d love to, but I’m powerless outside the TOB ><

<img src=“”> Namely a subscription to the RPGC Porn archives for the low price of only $8,95 a month!

Porn archives nothign. Get rid of teh son of a bitch. I doubt he/cshe (likely he) cares much.

Target locked, cannon loaded, Eradicator fired on target and reporting absolute obliteration of any trace of his existance.

problem solved.

Go Zero!:slight_smile: :kissy: :slight_smile:

shut the fuck up -Sin

exo, I’m going to be nice and tell you not to do that again. Next time, I’m frying you too. I don’t fuck around.

what’d he do?

Pinky did 55 porn links, Exo…no idea.

yeah I am well aware of Pink’s issues, but I was wondering what Exo did that cheesed off Sin.