NOTICE: Custom Titles

I’ve set it up so that when you reach 1000 posts and are able to have your own custom one that you’ll be able to change the title on your own whenever you want without asking an administrator. The usual 50-char limit is still in effect though, and if you didn’t get your custom title back (by having 850+ posts BEFORE the old posts were wiped back in April) in the old “user title” thread we made back when, ask for it now or forever hold your peace. Otherwise, don’t bug us about changing your title :stuck_out_tongue:

doing what I did forked up the bold/italicizing of the mods/admins on the who’s online / logged in things, so I disabled that for now until I find a viable alternative.

really todders off to bed this time

Yeah, I need my title changed.


I’ll never be able to change my title again :stuck_out_tongue:

NEIN! Do it yourselves.

so, basically, most of us will have to start over again…


Well, I hope to get my custom title ability by either my one-year anniversary here, or my birthday.

Valkyrie, you basically LIVE here, you got 100 posts FIRST! It’s unfair how a person with a slight life like myself can never have a custom title…I want one. :frowning: ::doh:: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

<img src=“”> Actually, Frame and Epic got 100 posts before Val, and I got it after her. Then Frame and Epic slowed down, I was number 1 for a while, then I got RO, then Val became the new number 1, or something.

And I’m so behind ya spammers that I’d never have a chance in hell to catch up unless it became endothermic.

<img src=“”> Hey, I don’t spam! All of my posts are thought out and highl–OH GOD THE MONKEY GOT A HOLD OF MY BRAIN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

There’s an eggshell on your head.

<img src=“”> Yeah. I know.

Added to the mask and the glasses, it makes you look like some SAS reject.

<img src=“”> SAS?

Secret Agent Services.

<img src=“”> Oh, right. For your information, it makes me blend in PERFECTLY at the loony asylum, where my mission is.

I’m sure the ladies find you dashing in that outfit and all want to have your…um…pudding. <_<

And I never knew we were considered an asylum now.

Hey, look at me: I have an Egg Shell on my head and one of those disturbing Mr. Smilie masks on.

Originally posted by Zero
Secret Agent Services.

I thought SAS stood for Secret Air Service?

it does. And stay on topic mofos :stuck_out_tongue: