Notes taken while viewing Star Wars 3 (Spoilers abound)

Some of these I had thought of while watching but many of them I didn’t heh

I thought the movie was pretty good…

Oh i enjoyed it too - but I still enjoyed many of these =)

Oh for God’s sake. Grievous has ashtma? WTF.

He used to be some reptilian/amphibious but after an accident he was turned into a droid leaving only his organs. I thought that too “Droids coughing? WTF?” but when I saw a close-up of its eyes I saw that they were organic, he got killed getting his heart burnt, so that’ s why.

General Grievous…wasn’t he supposed to be a badass? Best hand to hand combat guy in the galaxy or something? And all he does is run away? WTF?

Ill scared kid…

Landing strip? For what? They have 747s on Coruscant or something?

Especially designed to make a thrilling emergency landing scene.

Man, that fountain in the background is really making me feel the need to pee.


Wait, wait, wait…in an era of starships and hovercraft and all kinds of shit, you decide to attack by water???

They still use melee weapons such as lightsabers and electric double-pointed spears, so that’ s allowed…

It’s revealed—all of this happened over a woman. Millions died and were enslaved because of a woman. Isn’t that always the way?

Yes, sir.

“If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How bald-faced is that? Holy crap, this is really starting to become entertaining finally.

He’ d caused all that mess just to save her and then tries to choke her? WTF?

Force Choke: Strong enough for a man, but made for your back talking woman!

It is unbelievable that it will take them 19 years to build the Death Star, and then they will have one over half completed by 4 A.B.Y… Pretty damn efficient the second time 'round

Also because during the Clone Wars cartoon Mace Windu force-choked the hell out of him and one of the other Jedi Masters (female one with the Twi’leck-like headtails) tied him to a train that dragged him halfway across Courescant. General Grevious is the Kenny of Star Wars.

At least he didn’t have “Force old man hands”.

“Heh heh, come’ere girly.”

They’d figured out all the little places they could screw up by the second time, I think. Either that or Vader’s “motivation” worked a whole lot better the second time around. You think he took extended vacation after he and Palpatine conquered the galaxy?

Holy shit! It’s the hand of a Terminator! No, damn, it’s Anakin. I thought I was in a better movie for a minute there.


I’ve got one to add. The name R4 implies that it’s a later model of the R-series driods, so why does R2 have better weapons and seem to have better AI?

Wow, why did Windu pick the three shittiest Jedi to go with him to get Palpatine?
Those three died in three seconds. Even though Palpatine had to go around Mace Windu to get to the third one.