Not this again.

A man sat, looking at a box of his own creation. Pipes came out of the box and it had two buttons on it. One button was red and the other one black. Oil was on the old man’s blue overall. He smiled in the empty room. His wrinkles coming together and congratulating a job well done. The man’s name was professor Hugh Verr. He was a forward thinking man and had been for the last sixty years, but finally he’d done something. While outside his window, people were using swords or magic. Hugh had created a machine, the first machine. Then he fell asleep. His forehead hit against the black button. A cloud started to spit light and some ugly, soft things.

The first ray of light hit the beach when it cleared; six people were their sleeping. Two were men, while the other four where females. One of the females wore a white robe and was holding a hammer. One of the other females had a blue cloak, and had her red hair covered by a green hat. She clutched a rod. The two other women both wore red dresses and carried rods; the difference being one had brown hair and the other purple. One of the men wore ninja clothing while the other wore a blue cape and blue armor with blonde hair. The blonde haired man woke up and noticed his company aside for the ninja. He checked his pockets for his gold and items, and then hid them, got himself comfortable and fell back to sleep.

The second blast of light hit a prison cell in the middle of the city. “I’m alive, finally I’m back.” Shouted the voice of Tellah.
“Why are you shouting, you’re a hero, all it takes is a phoenix down to raise you, its me who should be shouting, being a villain and all.” Said Sephiroth leaning against the wall.
Layla and Gilgamesh (Or however its spelt) seemed to be in deep conversation about something or other. (A very powerful magical object.) Black mage sat with his hat over his face. “Lets break out of this joint.” Said black mage, then he shouted. “NUKE” and then nothing happened.
“Fire thr- oh that’s because of an anti magic field, very old and powerful magic. I noticed it as soon as I came in that’s why I didn’t attempt to cast a spell before.” Said Tellah seeing black mage’s failed attempt. Mean while Mog was doing a dance, for the guards.
One of the guards spoke to the other guard. “Old I thought it was created only, five months ago.
“I know, and what is that dancing ball of fur.” Said the other one.
The convict they were meant, to put in the cells brushed him off. “Oh such a great disaster, it seems the cell is already full. As you know the regulations of Wolfmagic state that only six people at anyone time can share a cell. It also states that you are unable to keep me here unless I am to be put into a cell. Which obviously because of the fact that there are already six people in the cell you are unable to do so. Meaning gentlemen that you have no choice, but to let me go.” The man smiled as he said it.
The guards pushed the man away. “ I hate you Yerlaw, so scram.” Said the biggest guard. Yerlaw calmly walked away.
“I hate him, father a lawyer, mother a thief.” Said the smaller guard.

Yerlaw stepped outside the office and muttered next to the wall. “Two one knows magic, but isn’t a bird or an elf, not even from the school. The other has a massive sword.”
The man hiding next to the wall nodded, but of course before giving them a job you need to get them out. The invisible man who heard, was guarding the police station, had come from the school and had also written what Yerlaw had said. Then he started to deliver it to the guards. If the hiding man was more watchful he would have seen a piece of paper, alas he wasn’t and only the six people, which light had spat into the alley way did.

Hugh muttered in his sleep. “I hope the machine doesn’t change personalities.”

Back in the alleyway, red mage was putting on his hat. “I don’t believe I’ve heard of espers Mrs. Celes. I have done extensive research so in my opinion, they don’t exist and you are wrong.”
Celes responded by saying. “Next you’re going to say that Kelfka didn’t kill the emperor.”
“Dear I’m sorry but yet again no one called Kelfka destroyed the emperor. For three reasons. One no one is called kelfka, two there is no emperor and three if there was one he would have been killed by chaos or garland.”
“You’re wrong because there was an emperor and someone was called Kelfka.” Said Celes turning the other way.
Richard, Farris and Fusoya were shouting and muttering madly as Cid Highwind was sitting down. “I fu-“ Cid was punched by a large devil with a badge on. Cid then said. “Why did you fu-” He was then punched in the mouth by the devil.
The devil spoke. “Cid I have been sent by the angel of not swearing. To stop you swearing. So you can go up to the places non-swearers go rather than the pits of swearing.”
Cid replied. “That’s bullsh-” He got a punch to the face.

Next to the alleyway was a building and on top of that building was six people blasted there by light. Red XIII sighed. “Stop swearing you idiot.”
On top of the roof was a tree with garland trying to knock it down. “I, garland will knock you all down.”
X-death in tree form laughed. “You can’t knock me down.”
Cain and Shadow walked over to Red. “He’s still swearing isn’t he, how stupid can you get?” Said Shadow. Lionheart sat in the middle. “I didn’t get a week with her then this happens.”

Underneath light has spat six people into the sword shop. Fighter started spinning around fast looking at all the swords. All different colors, materials, makes, shape, sharpness and value. “I’ve died and gone to sword heaven.” After a few turns he clutched his stomach and ran to the bin. Cloud walked around looking for a sword bigger than his own. Cecil didn’t look around and instead said. “Hurry up so we can find the nature of our predicament.”
Guy went up to the shopkeeper. “Do you sell axes” The shopkeeper showed a black axe of darkness.
Cyan and Butz soon became looking for two mighty swords and after much looking for a sword fell into the cellar. In the cellar a massive flash of light occurred.

In Hugh’s room a flash of light happened. Then Hugh’s head hit the red button and the cloud stopped spitting after letting a bard and a dog out. Hugh slept pleasantly on as the six people made note of their surroundings.

On the street Edward looked at the dog. Edward spoke to the dog. “How are you?” The dog barked, Edward hid.

The cloud before stopping had got four people. Lich, Kraken, Kary and Tiamat all waited for the flash of darkness to teleport them as it had done quickly, for those down the cliff. As the four waited and a mixture of fire, water earth and air were starting to come together. The fiends conversed.

Edward and the dog started to get along, as they wandered through the alleyways of Wolfmagic. Edward heard the familiar voice of FuSoYa, when a man in the apron, came out he had a large smile on his face. The man made a note of the gold harp and dog. The man’s name was Ilis Isaac. (It’s legal I swear.)Isaac went to punch Edward, with fury for a surprise attack, when Edward hid. Isaac seemed unfazed by the disappearance and picked up the dog. The dog howled and bit, but still he wouldn’t let go. Isaac spoke out loud. “Might be able, to be burger meat”

As Shadow was sitting down, Shadow heard the barking ran and jumped in a supposedly empty alleyway. Red XIII and Kain looked at each other. Red XIII broke the short silence by saying. “We have to stick together.” Red XIII and Kain jumped down after Shadow. X-death fell down, as Garland stood triumphant. “I garland knocked you down.”

Shadow, Kain and Red stood in the alley. Until Red leaped behind the bin. As he came out he carried Edward in his mouth. Red dropped Edward on the floor, Edward’s clothes sticky and spitty. Red spoke. “Why did you come down here.”
Shadow replied. “I heard my dog.”
Edward put in. “That was your dog, I just saw a flash of light and he was next to me. Hi Kain.”
Kain replied. “Hi.”
Shadow started quickly saying. “This is no time for pleasenteries, where is the dog now.”
Edward said. “A man stole him, from me.”
Shadow turned to Red. “Can you track him.”
Red nodded and started to walk.

The fire, water earth and air started to come together, in front of the feinds. The four huddled together in fear. Kary was the first to speak. “What is happening, it’s so big.”
Lich shuddered. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Tiamat watched. “Not even the light warriors did anything like this.”
Kraken watched, turned his head and watched some more. “I don’t see anything that impressive.”
The fire, water, earth and air came together, to form a man. “I think there in awe because of my highly better skill, with their own element. But I was never good with liquids.”
With the rest of the fiends in awe Kraken felt it his duty to speak out for the fiends. “So why are you here.”
The man smiled. “My name is Wafe and I am the second god.”
Tiamat was first to recover. “That still doesn’t answer the question.”
Wafe smiled. “Your right. The reason I’m here is because I have a job for you.”

Isaac was talking to a dog show winner. “Its been stolen hasn’t it.”
Isaac put up his hand. “Its legal I swear.”
The dog show winner. “Well it looks good I’ll give you that.”
Isaac smirked. “You want it don’t you I can tell, it’s yours for sixty gold pieces.”
“What it was 40 a second ago.”
“Yes, but I can’t have people like you taking the mick.” Said Isaac.
“Fine 40.” Said the dog show winner.

Isaac left giving a white dog to the dog show winner. He carried a basket in which, the dog, that was with Edward was in. “Seems we couldn’t sell you, fur ball.”
“Bark.” Bark the dog.
“Shut up.” Shouted Isaac. Isaac tugged at his collar and looked around he was sweating and felt like he was being watched. Fear sweat on his brow as you looked around. He tripped on a rock and fell to the ground . As he started to get up he picked up the basket. When he clutched his stomach a spear was through it he closed his eyes. He could tell the fear came from a song a after a while he was left without that feeling and in a pool of his own blood.

Cecil and fighter yawned. “Why aren’t they back here yet.”
Cecil looked at fighter. “I don’t know.”
Cloud said. “Where am I?”
The shopkeeper spoke. “You are in Wolfmagic, capital of the world.”
Guy spoke his axe of doom in his hand. “Lets just go.”
And so the four of them did.

In the sword shop their was a flash of light and Kraken, tiamat, kary and Lich walked out of it.

On the beach, six people slept.

In the dog show, the previous dog show winner lost.

Outside the dog show, a man found a body laying in its own blood.

On the other side of the dog show, a dog was licking its owner.

In a cell six people were eating bread.

In the prison two guards were drinking tea.

In the thieves headquarter a meeting started.

On the roof of the sword shop garland boasted.

In the cellar of the sword shop, the light cleared.

In an alley a man was being punched by a devil.

In Hugh’s room, six people were getting the bearings.

In Wolfmagic someone said. “Not this again.”

Not this again.
(sorry couldnt resist) I liked it, although it was confusing.

The sword shopkeeper was called Ray Pier. Ray wasn’t startled by the flash of light, but was startled when the four fiends came out. At least the others were human, well except for the red one. But he made a quick come back. “Would you like a sword and welcome to Wolfmagic, capital of the world.” Ray shut up when they set his coat on fire. The four fiends left while Ray was rolling on the floor.

The two guards were looking at the dead body of Isaac, all they’d worked out was the fat that he been attacked through the stomach. (From the fact of hole through it.) From a witness all they had got was the fact that a ninja was involved.
As they were walking the small one said to the tall one. “How many ninjas do you know who stab through the stomach, Malcolm?”
“None Drew, I don’t know any ninjas.”

In Wolfmagic someone had said. “Not this again.” That man was wearing a suit with long silver hair. His coal black eyes stared at the frightened guard. The guard fidgeted. “Hugh has gone missing, sir.”
“Why did you give him time, to go in one of his moods.” Said the silver haired man whose name was Bill Moon.
“We didn’t sir it was a martial art expert sir.” Said the guard, still fidgeting.
Bill laughed. “And how did your martial art expert, get in their.”
“We don’t know sir.’
The guard left and Bill started to write.

Black belt put down Hugh down and looked around. Kelfka was laughing and setting things on fire. As Tifa was climbing up the mound of sand, Mihn was healing Galuf’s wounds from the battle before. Rydia was still trying to summon a monster, she screamed. “Why won’t it work?”
“Aries.” Tifa shouted as she fell down the sand.

The six people who had previously been laying on the sand were up and ready to go in to the city. Areis stopped and listened. “You guys go ahead I’m staying here for the moment.”
Edgar smiled, a devious smile, and calmly made an offer. “I’ll keep you company. The rest of you can leave.”
The rest of the four left.

The four people’s name were Edge, white mage, Maria and Lenna. The four of them stopped in the middle of the police office and sword shop. It weren’t long till they felt stupid and carried on. It also wasn’t long till Isaac’s nephew Ax saw the four strangers. Four people who looked like they came from another world, one of them a ninja. Ax got hold of his Axe and walked up to the four.

Tifa and black belt ran down the mountain of sand to meet areis and Edgar. Edgar hearing the noise looked behind him and saw Kelfka standing at the top of the mountain laughing. Edgar loaded his crossbow and took aim. “Take that.”
“Fire 3.” Kelfka laughed. The fireball reached the group at the same time as black belt did. The four fell down unconscious by the flame.

Kelfka came down tears on his face. “Oh it was horrible, a foul beast swallowed the two of them whole. I knew it was a bad idea and I said so. Oh if only I was there sooner.”
Mihn walked up to Kelfka to comfort him. “If they have been devoured there is nothing we could or can do.”
Kelfka smiled through all that salt water.

Ax sent his axe lunging at white mage. She bought her hammer up to block it but it was sent aside by the axe, she tried to run but the axe came down to quickly and she was thrown to the floor. Maria put an arrow into her bow and fired. Ax broke it in half as he struck, she ended up on the ground. Axe grunted as he looked at the two left, he charged at Lenna his axe causing a large gash. She thrusted her sword into his neck. He gurgled as he swung his sword into her .

Malcolm and Drew turned the corner, where they saw a ninja and a woman fighting another Ilis.
“Fighting an Ilis.”
“A ninja as well.”
As one they nodded and crept up on them, handcuff’s in their hands ready to pounce at a moments notice.

Ax was down, and Edge got ready to kill him. But before h could do the killing strike Drew grabbed hold of his hands. Malcolm was holding on to Lenna as they took the two of them, kicking and screaming into the jail cell. The moogle chose to dance for them.

Butz and Cyan tried to move but couldn’t thanks to a man wearing robes, and his summoned creature a man holding a watch. The man sat down and said to the summoned creature. “You may go now.”
“Thank you, master.” Said the monster, making the preparations to leave.
“Oh just one more thing, visit the summoning girl, please.”
“Fine, master.” Said the monster this time leaving.
When the creature moved Cyan and Butz could move and the light started to fad revealing six people. The man cleared his throat. “I’m the lord of summoning.”

Underground, twenty cultists watched in anticipation, as their head cultist, kept the priest, of that other god, down. She struggled and scratched the head cultist. The head cultist was called Bill Moon. They stood in front of the statue of Wafe; the statue was made out of rare purple clay and was missing a face. The head cultist licked the knife and noticed it tasted like berries; he lifted the knife and sent it down to the woman’s heart. At the exact moment the knife touched the woman’s skin, the woman’s holy symbol blew up.

In the cellar, the lord of summoning, Rosa, Thief, Frionel and Cara were flung to one side where rubble pulled in splitting them off from Butz, cyan, Vincent and Locke. Frionel looked up and regretted it instantly as the street above was going to fall on them.

When the shop started to fall down, Ray only had a few words. “This is a weird day. Actually happy that I let the wizards tamper with the shop.” The shop stopped falling and levitated in the air.

The thief guild meeting was just about to start as Ax started to arrive. When the shudder made Pockey fall over and snatch Yerlaw and Ax’s wallets. The guild leader looked at Pockey, in a sternway and Pockey gave the wallets back, but of course without all the money in.

As the alley way came down Cid said. “This isn’t fu-.” Before being punched in the mouth by the demon. Richard jumped down to help those under the street and fell with a clank. FuSoYa started to mutter and the alley way started to come down slower and also become a rather unflattering shade of pink. Celes sat on the alleyway and muttered. “Kelfka.”
At the same time Red Mage was sitting down and muttered. “Garland.”
Faris just pranced about. “This be the life for me.”

Garland once again knocked x-death down but the jolt by the shop sent them hurling down towards the alleyway. As they did so, garland shouted. “I garland knocked you all down.” Lionheart sat there feeling sorry for him as he saw something. Something that looked like his sister. He dropped down and started to run to them. He just brushed himself off before going to talk.

Richard and Frionel struck their spears in the rubble and created two small holes. Pushed the girls through and thief rushed in with the lord of summoning. Richard and Frional looked at each other and tried to get through but the street fell on them. And the two of them died. Rosa gasped and started to drag the two bodies out but as she did so a blast of purple light hit them, rotting their bodies and making it impossible to return. Rosa and Cara sobbed as their looted the bodies, FuSoYa still tried to make them live again but his attempt was futile. Red mage and Celes were arguing about whose fault it was. Faris sensing the atmosphere around her started yelling. “Kelfka, garland.” Ex-death and garland started falling at high speed to the ground landing on Red mage.

Richard and Frional looked down and saw their bodies, then they looked at the angel, her long blonde hair reached the end of her gown. Her good looks could not be disputed. “Hello I’m the youngest of the sisters of death and I would be taking you too your final resting place if the boss didn’t want to see you, but he does so follow me and away we go.”
“Whose the boss?” Said Frional.
The angel gave a gasp. “Its true, you are from another reality. The boss is the god. I shouldn’t say the name.” The angel turned and started to walk to a baby blue portal, as she did so she looked at the alley. “What a disgusting shade of pink.’

As above that went on the priestess managed to escape into a series of tunnels. The priestess’s name was Annabel and the tunnel she was in was called the tunnel of death rumored to contain great evil and destruction. Billy Moon shouted to the cultists who were still alive. “Catch her.”
As this was going on the statue became alive and struck several blasts of rot. The statue turned its sight on Billy and started to gather energy. “You have angered Wafe, by failing to do such an easy job.”
The statue fired out a blast but Billy barely made some gestures when a white shield blocked it. Billy used his innate ability and created a sword of pure light and turned to the statue sneering in disgust and Muttered. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

Red mage got up and knocked the two people on him off then he raises a finger and points at Garland. “Garland’s here and he did it. Kelfka here. No. Because he doesn’t exist. I win. You loose.”
Celes guffawed. “I’ve seen better villains than that in a coffee shop.”
Garland was standing still in shock. “I Garland am the greatest villain of all time, and to prove it I’ll knock you down.” As he said it he rushed at Celes knocking her down. Locke rushed at garland and struck Garland with his sword. The sword just glanced off his armor not even causing a dent.
Garland sighed. “I don’t want a fight I just want to go home.”
The rest of the group nodded together.

Richard and Frional started to float out of the portal, and they were shocked to see how blue it was, wolves wandered around growling at the two of them. The ground seemed to be made of books and then they got to the only building there. It looked like a white and well-insulated castle; dark blue tapestries came down from the top to the bottom. Around the castle it was hotter than it was elsewhere.

Annabel started to run in the tunnel, by luck or divine inspiration taking the way that missed the traps she ran into the open air and noticed she was on a beach started to run to the temple.

The cultists weren’t as lucky as the priest and though they managed to kill the earlier monster they were stuck when they came to a mirror and plaque in a dead end. Upon the plaque was a simple message.
“You are the bus driver. The bus driver lets three people come on at Grass Street. Two people get off and three get on at Cabbage Street. Four people get on at Lettace Street and two got off. At frog street one person went off. What color eyes did the bus driver have?”
It was a shame the cultist had one blue eye and one hazel eye.

The statue and Billy looked at each other from across the room. (Though how the statue did with no eyes is beyond me.) The statue sent a purple blast at Billy as Billy sent a white blast at the statue. The two blasts met in the middle and vanished leaving a semi-invisible creature called a twilight beast*. Billy smiled because of his opponent’s lack of mouth. At the same time Billy was speaking the words to bind the beast to its control, the words were spoken around the room at the same time they yelled. “Attack.” The twilight beast threw twilight blasts at both of them and then started to run away.
*Twilight beasts are servants who are created when a blast of light and a blast of darkness come together. They are useful for their powerful move twilight blast which uses the power of twilight.

Kraken searched the seas and finally found the beach it used four of its tentacles to pick up Edgar, Tifa, Black belt and Aries and drag them into the sea it started to swim down after a long swim it came into the water part of Wafe’s kingdom.

Billy was the first to react and started to run toward the statue his sword of light above his head. As he swung it into the statue, the statue yelled in pain but then created its own great sword of darkness. Billy went to attack the statue again but the statue used its sword to block it. As the two sword met they disappeared and a twilight feast* appeared. Billy quickly muttered the words to bind the twilight feast to Billy’s will. Billy then yelled. “Attack.” The twilight feast struck at the statue with its two twilight blades. The statue felt weaker but managed to punch the twilight feast off him. The twilight beast started to run away. The statue sent a blast of darkness at Billy sending Billy to the wall.

  • A twilight feast is like twilight beasts just replace all mentions of blast with sword.

The air fiend flew in the sky looking for any people from the other worlds, he spotted six people on the beach, four of them, he was sure were from another world. He flew down his mouth taking one each and his claws taking the rest then he changed his course and went straight up into the air eventually ending in the air part of Wafe’s kingdom.

The statue created another sword of darkness and walked up to Billy as he planned to strike Billy down with his sword Billy created a shield of light. The statue knowing the sword wouldn’t get through created a small shield of his own, he through the small shield at the small shield. As they hit, the shield disappeared and left a twilight east* in its place. The statue continued to slash Billy with its sword as Billy muttered the words of binding. The twilight east jumped in front of Billy and started to block each move giving time for Billy to crawl away.

  • The twilight east is a being born to protect their master, they are created when a shield of light and a shield of darkness come together and are supposedly the most powerful twilight apart from the true twilight which is formed when a dark true blast and a light true blast come together.

Lich used his magic to take on the form of a man, alas with an abnormally long nose. Lich made sure the wagon with a cage on the back was ready. He made sure the fake sword signs were ready and were blocking the cage from view. Lich then hopped onto the driver’s seat and drove towards fighter. “Get your artifact level swords here sharp as sharp and better yet they’re all free.”
Fighter ran into the wagon dragging the other three in with him. “Hey there are no swords in here.” Said fighter as Lich locked the door. The wagon started to go down into the ground as the fake sword signs fell off revealing that the four of them were in a cage. After going far down into the ground they eventually got to the earth part of Wafe’s kingdom. Once there he blushed because he was still in his disguise and dispelled it.

The twilight east started to pant as it struck the statue again. The statue would have beaten the east before if it hadn’t used his powers to fight Billy. The twilight east sent a twilight blast as the statue sent out a blast of darkness. The two blasts met and the east tried to push it past. As the east did that, the statue casted darkness. When the light came back on the east was alone. So the twilight east decided to go to where his master was.

Kary wandered about Wolfmagic in the guise Lich casted for her. Thee guise was that of a beautiful woman with red hair. She wandered around the city where she passed two teenagers, the two teenagers turned a hamster blue and then as Kary passed them they said the permanent spell, making the hamster blue for ever and making Kary’s guise last forever as well.

Shadow and the dog took a walk from the rest of the group preferring to be alone. The two climbed to a roof of a building and looked at the view. The two stayed like that for a long time before Shadow said something. “ We should be getting back to the rest of them.”

Kary walked up to Kain, Edward and Red and in the middle of them created a large amount of flames. As the flames burnt them, Kary took them by the hands and ran through the flames. She kept running and running and after Kain, Edward and Red got burned a lot she eventually got to the flames which was the earth part of Wafe’s kingdom.

As Richard and Frional, walked into the large ballroom, they were sweating with the heat, inside the castle. A voice boomed. “I give you one chance. You shall go inside the head of two people from your own world. Do this and you may help them out and once they leave you shall leave alive.” The angel gestured for them to follow her and so they did.

Billy followed small drops of blood let out by Annabel as part of the magic of the knife that hit her. It was a shame the knife broke, as it was powerful but life goes on and Billy looked up seeing the night sky.

The three twilight creatures met each other and spoke to each other until, for some bizarre reason, they decided to join up and create a gang called the twilight team terrors. The twilight team terrors walked away together looking for crimes to be stopped.

The four elemental fiends watched and held their victims as Wafe walked into the middle of them. He smiled when he saw Hugh. “Well done, your first gift is ready.”

The succubus lay down in her room looking at of her window, where her two sons and husband were training to fight. Her husband was an orc making her two sons half-orcs. This was not the right life for Retpurroc the third, but soon it would be over and she would be a master of on of the layers of hell. As promised to her by Wafe as the evil have to keep their word*. She smiled to herself as she lay down. She only had two more days to go.

  • The reason for this is because the good can say it is for the greater good, and the evil can’t because nothing is that skilled at lying**, so if they don’t keep they’re word, no one will do business with them and no one wants that it’ll give them a bad reputation and no one likes that.**
    ** Actually that is not strictly true as Holey and Lyre were fantastic liars and were happy about the bad reputation it gained. They found it especially fun to trick people they weren’t those demons but Hire and Lowly. They managed it most of the time but Hades found them out.

Wafe picked up fire and air in one hand and earth and water in the other. As he closed his two fists, he smiled, and in one fist a magnificent phoenix appeared and in the other a creature that appeared to look like a tiny stream. Until it started growing as then it became a large stream like creature with rocks in. As he turned away he said. “Steal the half demon half orc warrior from the Sq tribe and I’ll make it worth your while.” Then he carried on walking by and into his temple, which was in the center of his realm. Leaving the four fiends with there new pets alone as the phoenix spat a map out.

Maria, Lionheart and White mage slept on the streets of Wolfmagic. Maria and Lionhart both had the same dream, as they slept peacefully not noticing the raven watching them as they slept it said. “Caw.” Before flying under the sword shop. There it watched half the people there sleeping while the rest tried to claw them selves out as the raven stared.

Richard’s, frional’s, Maria’s and Lionheart’s spirits stood in a white room as Richard said. “Hugh Verr has a machine to get us home. Go to the templ and ask for Annabel.” With that thy vanished leaving a map to the temple in one of White Mages hands.

Drol Krad Nilbogboh stood in front of his hobgoblin army, their shields, armor and weapons the best they could steal. Drol Krad Nilbogboh himself had a dancing shield and armor of invulnerability. He also carried the twin sword of the black sword sold to a red haired man from the sword shop. It was a shame about that as if it wasn’t sold he would have been invincible with the two blades together. The army would prove destructive any way so no loss truly. Drol Krad Nilbogboh went on his horse and started riding forward.

The water started to pull Black belt, Tifa, Aries and Edgar down. Black belt started to swim up to beat the current and Edgar shot an arrow attached to a string to pull him up. He tried to grab the ladies hands’s but was unable to leaving them at the bottom of the water. Aries and Tifa found themselves in a room full of disgustingly tentacled mindflayers eager for food and those how very delicious brains from another world how exotic.

Around Shadow four figures appeared. The first one was called Macho and was muscularly clad wearing a dark uniform. He carried two swords on his back and stared. The second one was an lf and had dark skin but with light hair he grinned evilly his red yes piercing through shadows very soul. H muttered something and vanished. The third man was a man who wore black silk and a smile. Inside his suit were a hundred knives and two knives were tied to his hands by two long pieces of rope. The forth figure was a woman who looked remarkably like the third man and shared his love for knives as knives were tied to her hair and using ropes the rest of her. The first figure spoke in a large deep voice. “We are the assassins and we would like you to join.”

The earth in Wafe’s kingdom started to pull its victims down. Fighter started to hack himself out as did Guy and they reached the top but Cyan was too weak and Cloud to stupid to follow them. Cyan and Cloud appeared in the mindflalyer room when they were destroyed.

The fire in Wafe’s kingdom started to drag in its victims Cain jumped out holding Edward’s hands and landed fine. Red XIII on the other hand yelled and kicked as it burnt it and started to make it go on fire. Then it saw light and died its body incinerated.

The air that supported the people on it in Wafe’s kingdom vanished sending them all down, then Kelfka and Galuf with no respect for physics shot upwards. Sending the others into some other room. Sadly Hugh’s machine was teleported under the sword shop.

Above ground it was empty after the fiends and their pets vanished, they wondered what to do.

The raven exploded in a blast of teleportation magic by its master, sending everyone in the area to a large field. That field would be stormed by orcs and hobgoblins but until then they had it to them selves. Celes and Red mage were still arguing about something but the rest snored so no on noticed the change in scenery or heard the birds cheep.

The thieves’ guild was ready and able to get the new members with the break into jail plan. The four of them felt that five people was two small to be a guild, well three of them did the fourth didn’t say much and Pocky swore that he didn’t have a face, all of them did know he was as hard as rock and as quiet as mouth when he wanted to be but only then.

The angel looked at the spirit of Red XIII and spoke. “Follow me as the boss wants to see you.” She started to fly and Red XIII leaped and followed her as she crated a pale blue portal.

The four elemental fiends started to go their separate ways to the Sq tribe. Kraken and the river took the sea. Tiamat and the phoenix took the sky as Kary and the lich rode.