(Not) The Social Ramifications of the Comic Strip "Peanuts," but Just as Important

I was long pondering whilst bathing myself this fine morning when I had a curious thought:

Zounds! Charlie Brown brings misery upon himself. If he were to be a little less gullible and set his goals to something more attainable, he would likely be a happier person.

The first thing I thought of was the obvious. Charlie Brown is absolutely fascinated by the Little Red Head Girl, whom he doesn’t even know the name of. Not only that, but she doesn’t know him, and wouldn’t even give him the time of day. But Charlie Brown is liked by one person: Peppermint Patty. She has openly displayed her crush on Charlie Brown to him, but he is COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS. Why? His thoughts are concentrated way too much on the Little Red Head girl, who represents an ideal which he shall never attain. Perhaps if he gave up on the ideal, he’d come back to Earth and notice the REAL. Pepperment Patty and Charlie Brown share many common interests, and have lots of fun together. They could have a cute little 2nd grade relationship together.

The only other thing I thought of wasn’t as detailed, but it was there nonetheless. By Jove! If only he stood up to Lucy, and DIDN’T try to kick the football when she was holding it, he wouldn’t feel bad about it anymore. He should get someone else to hold the football, such as Peppermint Patty, or even Pigpen for Pete’s sake (whomever Pete may be). One should not let people push one around, and he takes way too much from Lucy. Her life also may be better if people do not give in to her bullying ways.

I’m sure that many of you have many different reasons for why Charlie Brown is unhappy, so I shall open this up to discussion in the forums rather than leaving these ideas in my head. Everyone in these forums should feel enlightened and proud for having the ideas of Kenneth Arthur Rountree shared with them.

(Perhaps this is a sign I’m taking too many English classes, and I’m finally turning into what a major should sound like…)

What about the Kite Eating Tree?

Maybe his nature was such that he had not choice but to focus on the ideal…

Also, I’m surprised you haven’t said anything about his obsession with the Great Pumpkin.

i liekd teh part wher luc took the ball and chalrey fell and hurt hiz bottomz.

It’s a cartoon ok

Its human nature, we want what we can’t have (Little Red Head Girl.) And things that require no effort (Peppermint Patty) aren’t appreciated or considered worthwhile.

And the Sally football thing is our misguided faith that people will eventually do the right thing, no matter how many times we/they do the wrong thing.

Charlie Brown is miserable because people as a whole are miserable.

It is a pretty good microcosm of our society.

What about Pig Pen? Why the heck was that kid always filthy?

Um that wasn’t Charlie Brown. That was Linus.

:moogle: Actauly it was explained why pigpen was dirty all the time in an old comic. give me a second and i’ll find it.

The truly sad thing about Charlie Brown is that, even when he grows up, he’s STILL going to be a loser:


(And yes, the reference is intentional.) :hahaha;

Everyone together now:
collective groan

ahahahahahahaha no

So is the Great Pumpkin real now?

I thought The Red Head Girl knew his name as Brownie Charles because that’s how he introduced himself to her. He flustered and mixed his names up.

Yeah, that’s what I saw too.

Stay tuned for the new special: <i>God Hates you, Charlie Brown!</i>

I thought the little red head girl’s name was Mary or something. I’ve got a vhs of a Christmas special lying around where Chuck buys her a pair of gloves or something.

dude, you don’t get it! you’re argueing against the whole premise of that comic series! all comic series’ have their own “staple” jokes or things that happen. Like that one where that guy always slips on a banana. That was a good comic, man!

You’re a staple joke… just like your mom!

i think he’s gay, because gay people are unhappy

That might be the worst thing I have ever heard of in my life…that comment pushes social progress back couple of years…

Now a charile brown DOES get a chance to kick the football…however he kicks lucy’s hand instead…so schultz just never intended for him to be happy…he was doomed for a life of teenage angst later in life