Not sure if this is the right thing

I wanted to announce myself and let you all know who I am, but I couldn’t find an introductions thread. So if this is in the wrong place, I obviously didn’t look hard enough -_-

Anyways, hi all! I am a human hailing from the planet of Ottawa in the galaxy known as Canada. It’s scary here, but I like it.

I’m 20, I’ve been rping for a long time, and am involved in some other rpg forums. I have a gender but I leave it up to others to imagine what I am. I don’t like to tell anyone if I’m male or female, because it tends to change how they perceive you.

Best to just keep the mystery, eh?

And I post as both male and female characters, just to make it even more difficult for people to guess. HAH!

Anyways, I’m really happy to have found another rp site. One of the sites I was really interested in turned out to be 90% dead. This one seems quite promising!

So I say, “Hello tharrrr!” and I make my leave.

STATEMENT: This proves that Canadians are aliens.
STATEMENT: This is the Internet, you’re male.
QUESTION: Wait… RP site?

And you know… welcome and stuff.

Uh, this is an rp site, is it not? I have been rummaging through the forum and am interested in a few of the rp’s. I’m sure it’s not 100% rp (there are other threads in the forum) but I am mostly interested in the rpg-aspect.

And sure, let’s say I’m male simply because I have internet access :stuck_out_tongue:

Works for me.

Thank you for the…interesting welcome.

There’s an rp section here, but the forum is mostly for talking about news, video games, and classical music.

Ah, I see. Well I was mainly interested in the rp part, so I apologize.

First of all, Welcome, Longlivepie. It’s always nice to have new blood here. And no, we don’t have an official Intro thread; people either introduce themselves in their own thread like you did, or just start posting right away.

And yeah, in the Net, you’re free to be who you want to be. I’m the rather honest sort, I tell people the truth about myself (I’m 41 years old, for example :eek:) but that’s my choice, I judge people for what they say and do, not by who or what they claim to be, and so do most folks here.

Oh, and don’t apologize. The fact is that the RPGC Boards are like their own little worlds each- there’s quite a lot of enthusiasm for RPing in the RP board, a lot for Anime in the Anime Board, etc. Check each independently and see you if like the atmosphere there.

Have fun! :cool:

Welcome to the boards. I also love to RP and post sexually ambiguous comments for larks. But I have yet to participate in any RP on this board… mostly because real life has taken real precedence (My fiancee and I are saving for a house). I can hardly wait.

Nice meeting you.

Welcome, welcome! As others said, people tend to visit more the forums they are interested in; feel free to look around. The confusion about rp-ing results from rpgclassics refering to crpgs, not p&prpgs.

Also, I must have missed the threads about classical music you mention, Lanyx. Unless you mean classic rock by that, infidel :wink:

Welcome. This is a website that is mostly about console roleplaying games, but we do have a free RP section, so feel free to do stuff there (like sacrifice kittens to Zuul). Give us a chance before you go running into the wind, eating all the leather marshmallows your face desires.

Lisgar or Glebe?

Lisgar or Glebe? Huh?

Not been in Ottawa for long, I see! Well, either that, or you live in the suburbs

Welcome to [STRIKE]The Asylum [/STRIKE]RPGClassics! Good you have you here. I participate in the RP forums every now and then, so see you there! Feel free to post other places, too!

Have fun.

I don’t live near Lisgar or Glebe, and I don’t think I’m in the suburbs either o_O oooh, try and figure that out :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm…We already met but I suppose I get to proparly say welcome here.


In a more urban area like Downtown, or central Carling?

I’ll admit that I am in a Suburb. Kanata. I used to live in Orleans. Before that I lived in Vernon B.C. and before that I was born in Vancouver =D

Well, it’s supposedly all one city now, but I still think of Kanata as Kanata.

Haha, I live in Kanata. I guess that counts as the suburbs…Everyone around me is rich, but I’m not so it’s like I’m the odd one out.

Dude, Wil, telling people you’re 41 isn’t that impressive. Admitting to blocking a punch with your face? Now that’s internet honesty. =P

Doesn’t that count as online bullying? I tasted fear feeling the presence of a man who let himself get punched in the face because it was a tactical disadvantage for his opponent.