Not Roy

This…is a castle…

It’s not? Aww…
Seriously, that’s definately making the top ten on my wierd songs list.

Nice harmony but I swear some people have to much free time.

lol, is that tune the castle theme from Mario 3?

Super Mario World, actually.

He can’t sing high enough for that part in the middle there.

…seriously, wut. I think this goes up there with Murloc Techno as far as weird songs go.


Well, that was a waste of 2minutes of my life.

I can’t sing full stop, you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to do it before it was in tune. Still, it was fun though. That song is the sort of thing that happens when you try singing along with the music in the games you’re playing. I’ve done another Mario one here, called It Doesn’t Make Sense:

Hope you enjoy it.

Heh. It’s pretty cool anyway.

I really like these songs, way to go man :slight_smile: