Not really a problem/suggestion, but...

What the hell was that word that replaced “the” on here a while back? For some reason that just popped into my head and its driving me crazy trying to remember.

um… wasnt it “teh”

You’re funny. And no, this was before your time. It was implemented into the boards to change “the” into something like “zigzig” iirc. I just can’t recall what it was specifically.

What does iirc stand for?


if i recall correctly, iirc stands for

I think it was “dark” into “pikapika…pi”

No, it was “Zug Zug”. I think Zero or Sin changed it when we were all addicted to Warcraft 3.

Back in the days of Sinistral fucking sheep.

And “iirc” stands for “If I remember correctly”.

Thank you, Sorc.

it might’ve been zugzug, I think either me or Zero or both have changed these things before.