Not exactly gameplay...

I think the L button on my GBA SP is broken. It rarely ever pushes when I want to distort the screen on old GB or GBC games, and it appears to have vital functions in other games. Is there any way to rectify this problem?

I’ve had it for a while, so I lost the receipt. Is this a problem to look into, or is it a non-issue?

It’s a problem. The L button is a necessity with lots of games. Mario and Luigi requires heavy use of it, to change abilities and such.

When did you buy the gba sp? Does it work when plaing gba games? Maybe you could return it and get another one?

Do you have your original packaging and materials? There’s warranty information in the instruction booklet along with information on repairs. If you don’t, I’m sure you could check Nintendo’s website.

I think Nintendo used to offer free (or relatively cheap) repairs for subscribers to Nintendo Power. Not sure if that still works, though.

They did. One time I fried my SNES and I took it to some shop somewhere and they gave me a refurbished SNES for free or for $20. I don’t remember, but it was still a good deal, considering they were still worth like $80 at the time.

I have M&L, but I beat it before this problem really kicked in. Next chance I get, I’m going to look into that. In the meantime, thanks for your help. I’ll especially try to look into yours, Dalton; I’m a subscriber. (Hey, I couldn’t resist the Zelda Collectors’ Edition.)

EDIT: All of a sudden it works fine? ::doh:: I repeatedly cycled through abilities in M&L and it worked fine. Then I popped in a GBC game and the screen’s distorting again. So it’s fixed, but I’d better still keep an eye on it. Thanks for all your advice, people!