Not everyone was happy about bush, it seems.

<AV-Cables> right click on the image of bush to the left of “how bush won the election” and look at the file name

<a href=“”>For those too lazy… </a>

Lol! :stuck_out_tongue: What was that again about serious news sources having to stay neutral…?

LMFAO. Brilliant.

<mazzanet> aww cnn found the asshole.jpg thing and changed it to georgelaura135.jpg

On the upside, I have the screeny.

Don’t blame me, I voted Dancing Bear.

I bet that’s you in costume Pierson.

That’s really funny.

I only WISH I could dance like that.

Rud, thats the most awesome thing I have seen all day, you are a true champion and deserve to be hailed as our new leader!

You should blackmail CNN. XD

Gotta tell you love the Avatar. On other messageboards (maybe even this one) I’ve used a smaller version of this one.


That’s actually kind of funny, in a pathetic, childish way (assuming it was real).

But I doubt y’all would have thought it would be funny if somebody did the same thing to Kerry, had he won the election.

I know I would have. :stuck_out_tongue: Though it would probably have been more of a “Haha, in your face”- type of laugh.


Bush is a selfish asshole, he wants to get rid of abortion because it is against HIS religion

I voted kerry

I’d have cracked up at that if ELMO won the election :stuck_out_tongue: