Not Another n00b

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d make that standard first post after registering for the site and before my next visit.

So here I am saying hi.

Site looks cool.

Does anyone play KoC or DarkThrone BTW?

I’ve gotta go shopping now but I’ll be online proper early next week and making sure I visit.

If anyone wants to have a peek at my site then feel free to do so at

See ya all later.


Hello. I am pink_lugia, and you might never see me again becuase I rarely venture out of the rping forum here. but if you think you are a good rper and have good grammer, come down there and join some rps. now kamikaze moogle for you.

Hello~ :enguard:

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.


Isn’t this almost like spamming? But whatever, see you around if you do decide to come back.

I wouldn’t consider it :spam: , she said she’d be posting here. It’s not like she only registered to promote her site,

I’m getting side-tracked. Welcome Snuffles, I hope you enjoy your stay here at the largest looney bin on the net. We only use RPGC as a cover up.

Ok welcome, n stuff. Please sit down and relax as you are driven insane. Oh, and for the last time it’s newb not n00b! A n00b is someone kinda like this:

Dud!!11111oneonelebens11 1 lyk uideo g@am’es111111on11! i pwn j00 w1it my UbENESS!111111oneoened

Well we dont know that. I’d say that just to promote my forum.

I think that maybe he’s saying he isn’t that kind of person, which is good.

Also welcome. Only advice, don’t necropost, don’t double post.

I feel mean and ashamed now. I’ll never welcome again :’(

I was in fact replying to kiro’s welcome. For all we know he might be. Personally, I refuse to go on his link 'til I see him again.

Well one way to see if this new person is just promoting her site, is to see if they ever come back.

Anyway, welcome Snuffles.

Ok, now that you’re here, rules must be laid out;

1: Do not speak of things you do not know about.
2: Do not spell the word fuck incorrectly.
3: Do not make any references to me.
4: Do not speak out of line.
5: Do not question my motives to overthrow these boards and have a nice day in the process.

…Yes, I am being sarcastic. Welcome to the RPGC forums. Take off your thinking caps and kiss your sanity g’bye.

I wonder why people still say that. It’s not like it’s even particularly true anymore.


Yeah, the people here aren’t insane, they just fucking suck.

Kidding of course! I wonder how many people will skip over this sentence and threaten my very existance.

Yeah, well my thesis on the molecular structure of quantum quasers travelling through several metres of granite super-lead prove that black is white, the sky is red, 2 plus 2 equals 5 and that you can’t possibly exist. Away wi’ ye, internet phantom!

There goes Pierson, working that silly mojo of his again.

How to fit in:

  1. Always make fun of those different from you.
  2. NEVER say ANYTHING unless you are sure EVERYONE else thinks the same thing as you.
  3. Once you hit 2k posts, you can be as big an asshat as you want.
  4. Make fun of those who have the gall to ask a question. All questions are stupid and should not be asked.
  5. If someone’s opinion is different from yours, they’re gay and stupid.
  6. If someone makes an inside joke, even if you have NO IDEA what it means, laugh as if you’ve been here forever and you get it.
  7. Charlemagne is funny. Not spammy. Theres a difference between randomly spamming and charlemagne randomly spamming.

Have a nice stay.